Will Technology Kill the Audiophile Hobby?

Imagine audio technology in 2,000 years.

Maybe your stereo is the size of a deck of cards. Speakers are invisible. Cables are not used. Active room treatment built into the walls.

Is that the end of our hobby and fascination with audio gear? 
Is our identity in the big blocks of metal and wood? What happens to us?


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Its also possible, bar a few specialist groups that still know how to play an instrument, that new music will be so much worse than the rubbish broadcast on mainstream radio now, that you wouldent want to listen to it anyhow. The origonal tapes of the quality music made in the last fifty years will have deteriorated and all we have left are low sampled digital copies. I can see music lovers having a synthesiser that produces music in the genre that is selected. Maybe with thousands of digital backtracks.