Will t-spades from AP oval 12's fit ?

Will t-spades on Analysis Plus Oval 12's fit on the huge binding posts of the Musical Fidelity A300?
I think i remember reading elsewhere that they do not fit. Hopefully, someone that has first hand experience will confirm / deny these thoughts. Sean
If I recall correctly, the AP 12 spades will work up to 5/16". I am at the mall right now typing from a booth so I can't confirm. God, I need a life!!!
I think you need 1/2" spades. I used some 3/8 and bent them open. There are some 1/2" ring terminals but I couldn't find any 1/2" spades.
I had some DH Labs wire where the dealer put on large gold plated spades. They had two widths on the same spade. For 3/8 and 1/2".
Supposedly Musical Fidelity went with the large binding posts to encourage people to use bananas hence M-F gave Michael Fremer (?) Nu-Vista speaker wire cables with bananas in his review when Fremer (?) found spades would not fit.