Will sub help my Proac 1SCs fill new larger room?

I'm moving from a 10x11 room to a larger room, maybe 15x15 or 15x20, when I buy a house. My 1SCs without sub have plenty of bass in my small room. With a good sub, can they work in a larger room? How large?
Straight ahead jazz, fairly loud not blasting, Music Reference RM-9, CJ PV-5.
Thanks very much for your thoughts.
Yes, I have dual subs mated to my 1SC's. Room is 12x16 and heavily treated. I had a single sub but found it lacking so I went dual. Great sound.
Since your spekaers are rated down to 30Hz, I wonder how much difference it would make. That is, you might not want to blend in the sub any higher than that, so there may not be noticeable improvement.

That said, mine go to 40Hz (in a larger room than you describe) and I think there's a tremendous difference. See if you can get a loaner and give it a whirl, what's to lose?
If you are willing to high-pass the main speakers, a sub can have a big impact and I don't mean just bass impact.

Unless I found the wrong speaker, the Proac One SC has a 5" driver in a small cabinet. Speakers with those size constraints are unable to produce clean bass. They can produce sound at fairly high SPL and reasonably low frequencies, but musical bass is simply not possible.

As a point of reference, look at the B&W 805. With a larger driver and cabinet, its specs cite distortion < 0.5% at 150 Hz, < 1% at 100 Hz (90 dB at 1 m).

You probably don't sit 1 m from your speakers. What happens to the distortion if we back up to 2 m and drop the frequency to 50 Hz? I'd guess that it's now above 10% and B&W won't publish it.

Now look at the 803 to see what it takes to get to 50 Hz. Still at 1 m.

The point I'm trying to make is that if you take the bass load off of your main speakers by high passing them, then you'll get cleaner bass and you'll hear what your main speakers are really capable of doing. The sub will also give you a smoother bass response.
Thanks much guys. Buconero117, what treatments are you using, and do you have your One SCs running full range or high passed?

What subs do you guys recommend, are the RELs still favored?

Hello River251. I have echo busters on the walls and free standing Furutech screens between the SC speakers and at the first reflection points. I do high pass via the NHT sub amps. the subs themselves are in the front corners an are on spiked amp stands supported by steering wheel covers.
I've never been a fan of the REL philosophy for anything but true full range speakers. There are many high value sealed subs on the market.

For small speakers you are somewhat limited to an 8" or 10" driver in a sub and that's not really a subwoofer so don't expect real bass. You can expect to extend the lower range of your speaker system, add some heft and weight and clean up the mid range.

I recently mated my 15" sealed Hsu subs with a pair of Neumann KH 120A monitors, which use a 5.25" driver. I was amazed at how seamless it was. But, this speaker, being active, is flat down to the 50 Hz range. Small passive speakers don't have that luxury.
Bob, I don't know much about REL so don't know what you mean by the REL philosophy.

I'm not clear what you are suggesting for my One SCs?