Will SS mess with my tubes??

I have an old vintage tube receiver that has a weak phono stage. Im thinking of getting a Pro-ject phono II preamp. Will this ruin the nice tube sound I am currently getting or just enhance it?
Neither. It will just change change it. Different phono stages will sound different for many reasons. Ultimately it will still pass thru the same line stage section of your reciever. Whether your reciever's line stage and your phono pre-amp mate well is probably only predictable by someone who knows the sound of your reciever's line stage and the replacement phono stage. Best to test drive the phono stage in your system if you can before you buy.
thanks newbie..i will do that....any recommendations on where i should start?
Yes it will make them worse.
Don't listen to Tarsando, I think he's just messin' with ya. (I think)
no a good phono stage will actually make it better look for one that has mm mc options. your output on your current is probably to low. enjoy
Tarsando, care to offer exactly why? Your post offers no usable info..... certain SS Phono stages are better then some tube units and seeing how Iricha never mentioned what tube rec he has how are we to assume a SS Phono would not be a nice upgrade over his unknown integrated phono?
I would be willing to bet that any number of even budget Phono stages will trump his current one.
Irichal, Lets assume that you have a modest TT set up with a MM stylus. If that is so then a modest SS phono pre-amp is an excellent idea. They are simple and usually quiet. And you stand a reasonable chance of improving the phono stage you have on your reciever. I'm not experienced with budget SS MM phono stages but they abound. Sorry I couldn't help more. But if you have more than modest stuff and have the appropriate budget clue us in on the equipment, type of cartridge, and your budget.
sorry for the late response..equipment is as follows:

Technics SL-1700 DD turntable
Fisher 400 receiver
Aural Ersatz 803-sd speakers