Will Squeezebox Touch play iTunes from USB Drive?

Can I use a bus-powered USB drive (e.g. G-Drive Mobile) with a copy of my iTunes Library (Apple Lossless) to it connected to the Squeezebox Touch?

Yes but, depending on how big the library is, Touch's speed and convenience will be variable.


Are you saying there would be pauses during playback, or slow response with the SBT GUI? I assume wireless streaming or ethernet connection to iMac would work better then? The iTunes library is 155GB (Apple Lossless). I could run ethernet cable but I preferred the simplicity of a bus-powered mini-drive.
Guess I'll discover for myself...

I really want to use an iPad as my source, or at least control. My iPhone 4 would be an alternative.
My experience is that it takes a long time to index the drive and that access time is slow. Also, it is not certain whether the Touch will power that drive.

Thanks. I had drop-out issues with SB3 in the past and was concerned about that recurring. I'll still try streaming, as well as the mobile/bus-powered drive since I have one. More then likely I'll have to run ethernet cable to iMac.

There's a lot more digital wireless and FW/USB sources now, but I don't have time to go through that again. I need something this week. If not, I'd look into the Weiss FW converter and others. I'd like to plug my iMac directly into my reimyo DAP-777 but not if it's going to cost thousands. I already put that into the DAC and other gear. And I had the iTransport/iPod server. Loved it, but wanted a larger GUI and didn't want to have to copy music over to it. It'd be great if you could use iTouch/iPhone/iPad in a dock and stream through that right into the DAC.
The touch doesn't have the processing power to seek the data off a large drive. Probably better to use sd cards If you do not want to use your pc. (put some play lists on a sd card, probably 2 gig max. I haveonly put one cd on an an sd card and had no issues. A jump drive should do the same). A hard drive would need to use it's own power, as the touch does not have the auxiliary power to run the hard drive. The HD isn't a drop out issue, it's a data seek issue. Best use is off a pc. I run wireless, love it, sounds great, and I have never had a dropout.
I understand the HD isn't a drop-out issue. I've order the SBT and will soon find out if using it wirelessly is going to have this issue as before. The other reason for wanting to use a HD was to avoid having the iMac on.
FWIW, my prior SB3 had a signal strength of 60-70% max (though never had a drop out). The Touch is constantly at 100%. Perhaps they upgraded the wifi receiver in the touch. (the SB3 still used in another room and at 57% costant) Good luck with it, Sakahara. It has totally changed the way I listen to music. In random mode, I hear tracks I didn't even know I had. Now, that's fun. Finding jewels in your own collection.

Cerrot: Thanks for the input. And I agree. It is a fantastic way to listen to music - no changing CD's! I had the iTransport/iPod source before and loved the shuffle feature, or using playlists. Makes you listen to songs, even albums, you might typically avoid, or have forgotten about, or might not have thought mixed well following other songs. It's the way it should be - entire music library in one place. I only wish I could afford something like the Soolooos system. I'd use my iMac instead but wasn't satisfied by the sound with USB DAC's and converters a few years back. Interested in trying the latest offerings such as the Weiss FireWire converter, or Sonicweld USB, but in a rush to get my system up and running and on a limited budget.

The SB Touch arrived Monday. Haven't tried it yet. Soon. I'll try wireless first and see how that does. Regardless of drop-out issues or not, then I'll try the USB bus-powered mobile drive. And if all fails, ethernet cable.

Other solution: NAS drive connected to Airport Extreme. Would that work? I prefer not to have my iMac on to play music. Is it as simple as copying over the iTunes library and installing the Squeezebox Server?
Sakahara, please keep us posted, as I am very interested in your findings as well.
So far so good with wireless.... A little confusing with set up (mainly because there are three separate things; the SB Touch, Server SW, and mysqueezebox.com). Unfamiliar with this SBT,..etc so it just took more time to figure out.
First sign of trouble already....

Wireless playback was interrupted multiple times when the SBT kept rebufferring a song. This is what I worried about happening. Im at a loss as to why this continues to occur with Sqeezebox in my system. Is this a wireless signal strength issue? Signal shows 100%. Plus, the iMac is 10' away in the same room. Unless it's retrieving the music through the Airport Extreme placed elsewhere in the house. I would assume it'd stream direct from the iMac.
Additional transmitter/receivers can complicate the matter. To determine if it is a wireless problem, run an ethernet cable from the SBT to the router and see if that has any interruptions.

In my case, I had to deactivate the WiFi in my PC because it interfered with the signals from my router.

Are you referring to additional AEBS devices? So it's not streaming wirelessly direct from the iMac/iTunes but the wireless signal from the AEBS? I'll try ethernet cable between SBT and AEBS. That's down two flights of stairs. If necessary, and I was prepared for this, I'll try a mobile bus-powered drive, and as last resort run ethernet cable from iMac to SBT.
It is hard to know exactly what is feeding the SBT unless you defeat one. At least, that's how I figured out my problems with a PC-based system. I have no idea what is involved with Apple stuff and I had to look up AEBS.

Haven't had a chance to try ethernet cable (very long run too). SBT Wireless Signal: 50-60% on avg. Did show 70%+ on occasion. Still having "Re-buffering" issues, morning, evening. Extremely annoying. This is why I returned the SB3 a few years back. I should have kept the iTransport/iPod. What I really want is to use my iMac/iTunes, but w/o crappy USB converters, or having to replace my superb DAC with a FireWire version, unsure if it will even sound as good. An iPad would be my ideal music server if it could stream from iMac since it doesn't have enough storage capacity. But anything that requires spending a lot more doesn't help my situation. It's frustrating that I have the perfect music GUI (iTunes) and can't use it.

Why are only some of my album artwork showing in SBT?
I've been experimenting with the AEBS settings (Wireless->Radio Mode->, also Wireless Network Options->Multi-cast rate andUse Interference Robustness), even relocating the AE closer (10'-20') to the SBT and for the most part no significant change in it's signal strength (avg. 50-60%+). Then after setting the AEBS back to 802.11n only (2.4GHz), Multicast Rate at 6 Mbs, and using Interference Robustness, and restarting the other AEBS and AE the SBT signal strength suddenly shows 90-100%. But after I start playing music it goes right back to constantly re-buffering. This SBT as a wireless music server is useless. At least in my situation. Why the SBT can't stream direct from my iMac makes no sense when it has Airport. I'm assuming it is going through the wireless network from the AEBS, then to my iMac, and back.
Is there anyone else using SBT with Apple (iMac, AEBS,..) that could offer some insight with set up/configuration?

Could the SBT be constantly re-bufffering because of the music file size (Apple Lossless)?

The whole point with using this music server/streamer is the "wireless" capability (no ethernet cable or other external device; USB drive). But if it won't function as that without the constant interruption then it's useless as a wireless device and I'll have to either use ethernet cable from my iMac, use the USB bus-powered mobile drive as originally intended, or return it, once again (SB3).
Continued wireless issues with re-buffering, or just not responding at all (not playing when it shows it's playing, but not re-buffering and won't pause). Strange thing is for a while it was playing fine and showing 30-40% signal strength, but soon began re-buffering. I was moving the AE around different parts of house and yet even with 80-90%, even 100% signal strength it would still re-buffer. Also tried ethernet cable from AEBS ethernet port and it seems to be working fine, so far. Will using ethernet cable between iMac and SBT also work?

My theory; limited memory/buffer with SBT for Apple Lossless music file via wireless.
It's having the same issues with ethernet connection; re-buffering, non-resonisve,...etc.

These Squeezebox devices are garbage. I've experienced nothing but playback issues with them. They're a perfect solution if and when they work, but for the most part useless if unable to play music w/o interruptions.
I have used the Touch in 3 systems, wired and wireless, and not had any problems. If you are having problems, it is external to the SBT or, possibly, you have a defective one.

Kr4: Yes, something weird is going on to have the same issue with SB3 and SBT three years apart, or both defective. What are the odds. Are you streaming from iTunes library? What file format?

To anyone: Is there a way to set up the SBT to stream wirelessly direct from my iMac since it has Airport built in? Also, will using ethernet between SBT and iMac work?
Sakahara wrote: Yes, something weird is going on to have the same issue with SB3 and SBT three years apart, or both defective. What are the odds.
Odds are it is something indigenous to your system or setup. Have you streamed anything successfully with other hardware?

Are you streaming from iTunes library?
I did briefly but I do not use iTunes, in general.

What file format?
Only AppleTV before and streaming video to iMac. Audio only with Squeezebox. I've tried various settings with AEBS (802.11n 2.4 and 5 GHz ONLY w/ 6 Mbps, also b/g compatible w/ 1 Mbps) and it still rebuffers. It's behavior is erratic which suggests there's something changing at certain times to cause this. Sometimes it'll go for 20-30 minutes and then start acting up, or not for an hour or so. And sometimes it'll happen every 5-10 secs and go on for minutes like that. There's only 2-3 wireless clients at a time; iMac SBT, and laptop.
I just tried using a USB Stick. That works. No rebuffering. Also, I'm not sure if what I was hearing was due to the music file being played from the SS USB Stick, or because I just cleaned all the contacts/connections with Kontak, but the sound took on a completely different presentation, atmospheric stillness, like when you go from a CDP to a music server. If I have time before returning it I'll try the mobile bus-powered USB drive. This is how I originally planned to use it, but with the rebuffering issues and somewhat dull GUI I'd rather try to find a way to finally use my iMac/iTunes with a USB converter (Halide Bridge...) and Pure Music.
Sakahara, how is your SB Touch now? Have you been able to get it to play flawlessle using external drive and wirelessly?

My SBT is coming this Friday.
I've been using a SBT to stream wireless from my iMac to my main system for about 3 months now. The only time I've had drop out was when the computer was superbusy with multiple task. It does high rez files fine. I wonder if the problem Sakahara was having has something to do with the router setting being used to for wireless streaming or too much else going on in the computer? I'm interested too in how things are working out.
I ended up returning it. Didn't have a chance to try USB drive. The constant rebuffering issue and unappealing GUI was a turn off.

The problem was most likely with the wireless/network, not the iMac. I did some rearrangement with the AE/AEBS devices which seemed to improve the signal strength/reach but not enough for the location of the audio system/SBT. I could see the readings on my iMac (Option Click Airport Icon) and there was definitely a drop/change with RSSI, Transmit Rate, MCS Index, although I have no idea what they mean, only that it's stronger in one area and not the other. Adding an AE close by didn't help either.

I haven't decided on a music server solution yet. My system is going through changes and I want to try USB converters again. I had ordered a Wadia 171iTransport but got tired of the delays/excuses. In the meantime I'm using my Marantz BD8002 as a CDT.
Did you ever call Logitech support when you were trying to debug all these issues? Whenever I had any trouble (just a couple of times) w/my SB3, their tech support guys were easily reachable (even on Sunday), and quickly resolved any issues. Cheers,

Logitech Support replied too late. I can always give it another try. I think I resolved, or at least improved the wireless issue, although I still need to try it with a USB bus-powered drive. I'm waiting until my system is completed before diving back into this.