Will speaker cable switch help?

Considering switching out the AQ's with the DH Labs T14's. Found a great deal on a shotgun pair.

System currently consists of Jolida 1501RC hybrid integrated, PSB Century 600i floorstanders, Sony DVP-NS500v SACD/DVD player, DH Labs Air Matrix IC's. Sound is good balance of warmth and detail, with a fairly laid back presentation, but am looking for tighter bass presentation and smoother highs. Also, soundstaging/imaging is okay, but wouldn't mind a bit more depth and accuracy.

Any thoughts as to whether the DH Labs would offer any improvements? Also, what is the general opinion on matching IC and speaker cable manufacturers? Should I take this into consideration? Thanks in advance.
Sorry, left out what type of AQ's! They are Audioquest Indigo 2 internal biwires.
I'm sure there will be a change, but it's hard to say if it will be an improvement or just different. The T14 is a silver over copper design. Many people feel that this results in a "bright" treble and a lack of top to bottom balance. If you value smooth highs this may not be the best way to go. But, if the deal is good enough, you could give it a try and resell them if it doesn't work out. Personally, I would stick with an all copper or an all silver cable.