Will Sonic Impact T amp work w/ original Quad ESL?

Does anyone know if I can use a T amp with original Quads or will I destroy it trying? Thanks for any help.
Not sure if anybody will respond and I can see where the toss up is in your mind.Your not talking and 845 or higher output tube with 18 watts or something.Quads as you know aren't used with 2A3 or 300B's.But why would you WANT to try this?Just for kicks?Can't think a 450 toy for an Ipod would be what you'd want to use on long term basis unless it's to show it to freinbds and like Sinatra liked to used to say "Ain't that a kick in the head".Alsp wondering if question is would you destroy the $50 "amp" or the $2K speakers.If you get bold let us know what happens.
Generally planar speakers want lots of current and I am not sure that the Sonic can deliver lots of amps. Driving an amp into to clipping is a very common cause of speaker damage. I would be wary, but then again I am NOT a tech head.

Quad panels in good condition require 33 watts to arc and cause permanent damage to themselves. Sonic Impact T amps do not swing nearly this amount of power.

The original Quad ESL has an extreme wide modulus of impeadance: 2-32 ohm. Look at the Tripath's output impeadance curves to see how it does with this kind of demand.

Or, try the combo and let us know how it sounds. It may destroy the amp or put it into protection mode (I believe that the tripath protects itself).