Will someone help me find a match for my ML336.

Is it possible to match a SS Amp with a Tube Preamp? If so what would be a good match including cables (RCA or XLR).
Yes it is possible and many people use this type of set-up.Folks will need more info to make reccomendations.What is your other equipment,what is your room like,what kind of music do you listen to,what characteristics are you looking for,what is your budget?Reccomendations are a good starting point but,it all boils down to what sounds good to you.

I have heard excellent results with Audio Research pres. REF 2,3 have not heard the REF5.
I love my BAT VK51SE with ML products. I've had it with a 332, Four 436's and currently with a ML 532 (which is by far the best amp they have ever made).
Thanks for all the responses. Actually I am a just starting to build a system around my ML336. I like to listen to jazz and a little of pop, I like speakers like the Dali MS4 & Helicons 400/800, Nola/Alon Circe & the V Mk III, those kind of speakers. I really wanted to go with the ML 380S preamp (still haven't heard how they sound), but I read those speakers are better with TUBES. So if I go tubes on the preamp($2000-3000 my budget) what could you recommend, also interconnect cables($300-500) and speaker cables($500-800) something that could really be of good match. About the ML 380S, how really good is this preamp, is it comparable to a TUBE preamp?
I'll spare you with "build your system around speakers" mantra as I'm sure others will chime in. I use VTL TL 5.5 tube preamp with excellent results. You can get one for under 2k. Your Levinson amp can drive almost any speakers so you can choose a pair you like the most.
I'm using a Audio Research LS25 MkII with my Levinson 335 with excellent results.I had planned also to use the ML 380S preamp and compared the two several times since my dealer carries both. I chose the Audio Research over the levinson because of the sweetness in the midrange. The 336 will love the tube front end. This is the second system I've used an Audio Research tube pre amp with a ML SS amp.
Statman thanks for your input, that's the best advise I have read so far. Though, I think I will start with the Audio Research LS16, just can't afford the LS25 for now. I have heard and read a lot about that combination that they say was really amazing, hope it will do the same for my existing system. Thanks.