Will SL3 work in my weird room?! Help!

My room is odd shaped and requires that one speaker be within 2 feet of a side wall. The other speaker is next to a hallway with the nearest sidewall about 7 feet away. The speakers can be about 2-3 feet out from the wall (to the panel). I am willing to tame the booming bass mode with a trap, etc. The wall they will be against is 11 feet wide allowing for 8 feet of separation. Will this work?! How about the sound?! Martin-Logan owners--and anyone else who knows--please help!
Hello Doug: I'm on my third pair of Logans'-- ReQuest (also owned Sequel II, Aeriusi)so I know what your wringing your hands over. One of the ADVANTAGES of the Logans' are the fact that their horizontal dispersion is more or less limited to the size of the panel, and have much narrower dispersion in this plane as compared to conventional speakers. This would work to your ADVANTAGE in this instance, I think. Therefore, with a little toe-in and experimintation, they probably will work OK in your room. Some type of room treatment, as you mentioned, is always a good idea. I recommend "Corner Tunes" (for reflections in all four corners of the room) and, biggest improvement in your case could be a set of Argent Room Lens. These would greatly reduce room-interaction, especially where your one speaker is close to your wall. Good luck!
Doug, I can definately help you out with your room problems. I am an acoustical consultant with the Michael Green Design Group. As Denf stated in his response, the upper corners are a large part of room control. Our new Pressure Zone Controllers go a step beyond what the original RoomTune pillow products have to offer. They are a framed product(very small) with a thin front panel that can be "tuned" to dictate exactly how that area in the room should sound. Every customer who tries these is astounded at how powerful they are. Our room consultation fee is typically $199.00, which is refunded from your acoustical purchase. We will do a complete analysis of your room, and put together a package that will fit your needs as well as your decor. Regards, Chris Rufener P.S. - Denf. If you would like to try out the Mini Corner Controllers (part of the Pressure Zone Controller family) I will give you a trade in crediton the CornerTunes!!!! You'll love the new design and what they do for your system.