Will Rowland 201 monos drive Magnepan MG-1's OK?

Can anyone tell me if this combo will work well together-Rowland 201 digital amp monos on Magnepan MG-1? Anyone tried this combo and can offer advice? Thanks.
Should work fine. You will find the JR a little lean in the bass but with great control and nice detail. Its is an early version of ICE power.
I agree with Chadeffect. If at a later time you wish to add greater nuance to the 201 monos, you can add a single JRDG PC1 external power factor conversion unit to feed 384V DC current to the 201 monos, while the PC1 is plugged with a single PC into the wall outlet, JRDG can supply a "Y. " pigtail to feed the PC1 into the 201s.
Sorry, I meant Magnepan 1.6's. Thanks for all the good input so far.
JRDG 201 have no problems on Maggies 1.6. . . I would not use them on the 3.X series though, as I have heard them running quickly out of steam on MG 3.6. Are you planning to source them on the used or new market?