Will "Tape" input on preamp work for a T/T if I...

have an EAR 834P phono amp w/ volume control?? Has anyone tried this, what were the results and what is the set-up?

How is this unit? I'm looking at buying one and it's on my shortlist. Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
Simply run your TT output to the EAR phono input, then run the EAR out to any unused input on your pre-amp. It won't make any difference if the EAR is a full function pre-amp or a phono only pre-amp (I'm not familiar with it). You will have to experiment a little with the volume control on both units. I've used this setup many times. I can't comment on the sound quality since I've never heard the EAR, but I'm guessing it will sound very good.

Jim has a good point, but if your EAR has a tape out, I would use that, because it bypasses all the other controls in the EAR which generally would colour the sound and you only have to adjust volume at your preamp proper. Cheers,
Thank you Jwrobinson and Detlof for your suggestions. I'm still at a loss..so I'll be more specific. I have a normal line-stage preamp w/tape in/out. I want to try this set-up.

The EAR 834P is just a phono/pre w/a volume control and only has 1 input for T/T. Plugging EAR into tape input of the preamp should give a cleaner signal because it by-passes circuits and volume control, therefore, volume will must be controlled from the EAR pre because tape input or is it output...doesn't have regulated volume control.

Am I making ANY sense? HELP!!
Thanks a bunch, Harry
Your preamp's tape input will be controlled by the preamp's own volume control, alas. One possibility is to get the phono preamp's volume control bypassed, and gain some sound quality that way. Two volume controls on the same signal would not be ideal, to put it mildly.

The benefit of using your preamp's tape input is that you go through only the "monitor" switch, not both through it and the preamp's "selector" switch. (I assume all preamps are set up in that way.) Not worth the price of two volume controls on the same signal, though, IMHO.

Does your phono preamp have enough gain to go straight into your power amp? Have you tried it that way? I'd rather change cable connections when I played LP's, and leave the preamp out of the system for LP's, but not convenient, I'll admit. Still, if the sound is a lot better that way ....
just use any of the preamp's line level inputs (such as aux) unless your setup is highly esoteric (doesn't appear to be) very doubtful that going the tape-in route will work any better. But try it both ways & then let your ears decide for you. The idea of bypassing the EAR's volume pot is likely quite worthwhile.
Thanks for sheading some light on this topic Tom & Bob. It all makes sense to me now. I haven't decided which phono/pre to go with at this stage.
Thanks again to all above. Harry