Will Push-Pull Triode amp 20-25 WPC work?

I own a second generation pair of Allison 4 speakers, (2002) which are pristine. The room is 12 X 12, quiet to moderate sound levels, mostly classical, occasional jazz, Speaker sensitivity 87 db, 8 ohms. Can I get away with a triode amp (that I really want), like a 300B, putting out 22-25 WPC? And no, I dont want to change the speakers for 100 db sensitive ones, as I know I should, as these speakers work perfectly in the room, in my office, against the front wall, and are probably the best speakers Roy Allison made.
I would say yes, it would work. Your speakers are not very efficient, but you have a small room and you listen at quiet to moderate levels, so it should work. 1 watt will put you at 87 dB 1 meter from your speakers, which is certainly moderate SPL in my opinion, especially in a small room. So 22-25 watts should be plenty.

I've been considering the same question, but my speakers and room size are different. My room is 25 X 15 and my speakers are 91 dB, 8 ohm. I'm considering playing with a 300B tube amp, and believe that 20-25 wpc would work in my room too. My room is larger, but my speakers are more efficient. I'm currently using a 100 wpc amp that has PLENTY of headroom.
Thanks for your response. Maybe I can help you with your question: I too have a large room in the basement, similar to yours, and have Tyler Decade D10s, 91 db sensitivity and 8 ohms, and are driven to any sound level I wish with 30 WPC Class A Thor MPA amps. So go ahead:) Maybe so will I.
I have driven 89db, I think sensitive Acoustic Zen Adagios with a 22 watt 845 SET and it worked OK. I don't think it gives your amp choice gives you much headroom, but tube amps clip in a benign way of course.
I think the advice, as always, would be to try before you buy.
It would bve great to try - these days with everything bought on line and the paucity of dealers, how does one try?
At up to moderate levels, I agree with those above who advise that it should work. I use a 25W/Ch. 300b amplifier with 91db speakers in a larger room. Your Allison 4 speakers have a very benign impedance.

You should be totally fine in my opinion. Driving less efficient monitors in a slightly smaller room with 17 PP EL34 watts just fine.
Thanks Springbok10. Why don't you try your 30 wpc Thor amps upstairs? Then you will know for sure.
What amps do you have, Phaelon and Jond?
Different location - office at work - but you are correct- it occurred to me to do that, although I believe the Thor is very conservatively rated.......
Denis- For moderate levels, I found that a 9wpc SET 300b amp drove my 89 db Merlins just fine in a 14 x 23 x 8 room. You should be fine.
I had a similar experience to Swampwalker's. I used Merlin VSMs with Cary 300B SET mono amps (optimistically rated at 15 wpc, IIRC) in a 14x24x7.5 room. Very dynamic sounding at reasonably highish SPL (for acoustic music). However, the Merlins have a friendly impedance curve and I'm unfamiliar with the Allison.

Anyway, one more data point FWIW.

I have a Deja Vu pushpull stereo amp 17 watts per side on a pair of EL34's per channel and my speakers are JMlabs Micro-Utopias the original version.
I’m using a New Audio Frontiers Supreme 300b Special Edition to drive JM Labs Mini Utopias - very similar to Jond’s. I hope you’re able to work things out. IMO, 300b tubes in push-pull strike a really nice balance.
Given the room size,preferrd listening levels and benign speaker load (per Phaelon) I believe you`ll be fine.
My room is 17W by 30L by 8 foot high and I drive my YG Carmel's with a 20 watt Will Vincent Baldwin amp and it is sonic heaven! NO- I don't Play it loud. When I use a small tube amp I am looking for an intimate, tonally pure sound. I, even have a smaller 45 push pull tube amp ordered for use with the Carmel's-Cant wait to hear that combination! Go for quality-not quantity
I just read the biasing instructions on a Canary Audio 301B before buying and find you have to take it apart each time which is the reason I sold my Jadis JOR. Any Triode PP 20 plus WPC 300B or 2a3 amps that are auto-bias or don't require dismantling to bias? Thanks for all your inputs- hi, Mike Swampwalker- nice to hear from you! Should I start a new thread to ask this?
I agree the Carmel's are great with tube amps,but just as important is your sources down stream a great dac, player, and or turn table.they donot add any boxy colorations at all.
Your speaker cables ,interconnects,as well as powercords have just as much an impact.i am using Hegel SS amplification and sounds excellent
Especially for Rock and Roll, and jazz.I would like to mention to take a big Load off your smaller amp take a look at the powered SVS ultra 13 subwoofer for example and a Great value against JL audio.
Itis precision ,the articulation in bass adds to fundamentals all the way up to the midrange and just increases the enjoyment. I have worked in audio and have 35 years worth of trial and error these are Proven things that work
It is your choice if you choose to use them or not.