will pimaluna dialogue7 monos drive b&w matrix801

primaluna dialogue 7 mono amplifier powerful enough for b&w matrix 801s2
No! Your best match is Mark Levinson. Look for a used 23 or 23.5. If you can afford more the No.20 monoblocks are the best I have heard with 801 series 2 and 3, but you must match with Mark Levinson preamp to get the best sound.
Digital3 -

Last year I had the listening pleasure of auditioning a Conrad Johnson classic 66 amp w/ matching ET3 pre-amp on those B&W speakers.I must say, I did not expect that little power amp to totally control those big B&W floorstanders.

The cd player was a Primaluna.
It really depends on how you define adequate drive. Optimal power is a good way to put it I think. I have no suggestions sorry.
Hi Digital3

A recommendation is to (copy and paste)this
impedance graph
into an email to the manufacturer directly, and ask their advice on their amps performance.

Fwiw –

I find some mix up the two Q’s. Quality and Quantity.
The speakers need at a minimum 50 watts of quality power unclipped, dipping to just over 4 ohms to work as designed.

How this actually sounds to you will be dependent on how close you sit to the speakers, the dimensions of your room, decibal level you like, etc....

You haven’t provided this info.

The manufacturer based on this info may say forget it - but I would be really interested to read their reply if you could post their response here.

Definately not unless there in a closet.Terrible synergy there,must do something else,good luck,Bob