Will people buy Snake Oil?

I have just formulated a new product that you apply around your ears in the form of a green gel.It improves the sound of any speaker by at least double.The only visible problem is it looks fairly strange and not many women are attracted too the look or smell.I don't guess this matters to much since most systems are listened to by one person at a time and about anything proclaimed to enhance the sound is acceptable.It's less than the price of rattlesnake meat and you get enough to last through space and drums 3 times.Now to the question.Will anyone buy it?
Hey, a weekend has come and gone. Is the Mk III version out yet?
Yes, I hear it allows sound waves to pass at 96% the speed of sound, as opposed to the mere 94% of the MK II.

If you price it real high so that everyone will be convinced that it works you just might get some sales.
I am so incredibly fired up about having my cilia excitated into vertical, esctatic reverie! Yes, I agree, we should wait for the MkII version, although, perhaps, I can call the garage-geek manufacturer (finally getting attention after not being picked for dodge ball in the six grade) and get him to introduce a Signature version for a premium. That way, I will know that Joe-audio-buddy down the road will not be able to claim that his is better, and, then, I can claim, no matter what, to hear better. And then, I can go down to the Neighbohood audio store and hang out with them, telling myself that my buying even more expensive crap from them has nothing to do with my need to hang out with "audio celebrities." And then, I can hear some guru - we'll call him Bs - tell me that the latest goo I must have, and that it has nothing to do with full color ads, or gear sold out the reviewer's back door post review (to you guys), or the guru's need to be a guru and narcissistically sit on the apex heap of an over-inflated microcosm.

Yea, I think I'll wait until then...
asa: >>narcissistically sit on the apex heap of an over-inflated microcosm<