Will open baffle woofer be good for center channel

Hey again,
I am trying to incresse the bass in a Magnepan Planar center that rolls off at 100HZ at 4 ohms, I am going to try to add an efficient woofer at 96db at 6 ohms with 40hz reponse with a low pass 100-110hz crossover to an open baffle di-pole woofer wich will sit directly behind the center inside a AV cabinet just above my CRT (woofer is shielded).
A fellow Agon member has done this with an Eminent Tech Planar center with good results...my baffle will be 36in by 32in with a 10 in woofer to increase bass to roll off at 60hz wich will be assigned by my processor.I am planning to use double panels of MDF mounted together
My question is how do others see this as working out? and any and all tips are welcome...thanks Chad
Chad, as I indicated on the fone, that filter point needs to be around 30- to 35Hz to achieve the 'brute-force equalization' I was so successful with. Did you get my e-mail today?
yes and I was gonna call back but I didnt know what time would be good. I think we really need to talk again, you know alot more about this then I do!