Will one MC275 power a pair of magic mini's

I have an opportunity to purchase some magic mini 1's, which I love. However, I have only heard them driven by powerful solid state amps. I currently have 1 MC275. I fear this will not be enough. I could get a second MC275 but that's a lot of dough.

Thank you in advance for your insight.
To answer your question yes. Tho and its a big tho. You will love these speakers I've owned two pairs. And at one time I owned the amp your talking about at the same time. It will help if your room is smaller. I would say go for it. Save your money and when ya get a chance by a second Mac amp to run mono or get a more powerful stereo amp. The minis as you know need a lot of power but I promise ya you will be so happy.
I am running 2 mc275's in mono, and it is a thing of beauty.
Elegal, That combination must be quite impressive!! WOW :)
Whats a Magic mini ??
Apparently, Elegal was posting while listening, and the sound quality was such that the last letter "o" (as in orgasm) was omitted. That is my take, anyway.