will nad c350 drive low impedance?

NAD states the c350 will double its power from 60 watts into 8 ohms, all the way to 240watts into 2ohms, should i trust there ability to be stable into lowimpedances or take this claim with a grain of salt...my current speakers are totem arros, 4ohm nominal, which i wouldn't be surprised to find do dip down into the 2 ohm range at certain frequencies? given its a budget amp the specs make it out to be surprisingly robust.
At one time I used a c350 to drive Magnepan MMG's which are 4 ohm, 86db. Drove them just fine, although I did not listen at high volumes.
As long as they are 4 ohm nominal, you shouldn't have a problem. And to better put your mind to rest, my old dealer mixed NAD with Totem and never had a single problem with overheating or shutting down, and he liked to listen LOUD.
The specs are accurate. For what it's worth, I've never had any quirks from my NAD gear to cause me to doubt their claims.