will my subwoofer suffer from a long power cord?

I am in the process of setting up a Power regenerator,and will be running my whole system off of it.Exact Power Ultra-Pure/EP-15A.This will allow me to run Symmetrical power,and regenerated power through my entire system.Even though I have dedicated lines,I believe(hope,and any comments,here,pertaining to this,as well,are welcome)the regenerated "balanced" approach will be an improvement.
My main concern is,I will be running a 1.5 meter power cord from regenerator to my main amp,but will need about 15 feet to get to my REL-Stentoer sub.I hope there will be no problems with a long P/C run,and will use a good quality P/C(though not insanely priced).Any thoughts would be helpful,and appreciated.
You have hundreds of miles of cable coming from the generating facilityto your house.
A 5 foot, or 5 yard cord will make no difference.
I would not say it makes no difference but I certainly would not purchase a mega buck power cord when you're running it to a sub.

I would look here at Audiogon and see if you can find something used at a bargain. If you cannot, I would probably go for a high quality standard cord or maybe one of the DIY versions that offer better than stock performance at low cost.

Basically, a sub is very limited bandwidth by it's design. Save your power cord budget for a more critical spot in the system.
Carol Co, 12 guage 3 wire at parts express w/ marinco ends and your done $55

If you like PE has braided loom tubing and shrink wrap to dress up the cable should you fell the need to dress it up.

Power Cords usual effect is mechanical not electrical, the subwoofer vibrates so the cord type makes no difference just don't get too small a guage where it will choke the amplifier for power.