Will my speakers be damaged if I use

hello, Will my speakers be damaged if I use higher power than it can handle? My speaker can handle max 125W (manufacture recommend 25W-100W), but I want to buy used amp from a friend which is 200W. So, do you think my speaker will blow up if I use 200W. Thank you very much DT

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Alruhl is right...an amp "capable" of 200 watts output does not mean it drives speakers continuously at that level. It means more power available when the dynamics in the music require more power, i.e. crecsendos, heavy bass counts, ect. Unless you like your music very loud, and I mean above 105db—extremely loud for a normal home environment and nowhere close to the decibal level a full 200 watts of power can attain—your speakers will never see more than approxiamately three to five watts continous and ten to 15 watts during dynamic passages. (Remember a speakers sensitivity is in decibals and is measured with a one watt input at one meter away...an 89db sensitive speaker means the sound level one meter from the speaker driven by one watt is 89 decibals). My figures are from memory...any exact figures would be appreciated...I have a chart on wattage input to decibal level output but have not been able to locate.