Will my Krell drive a 2 ohm load?

Apologies for posting the question twice.  I realize the title of my first post was maybe too limiting.  The forum software won’t let me edit it.

i’ll be using my Krell KAV-250a to drive my Magnepan 3.3r bass panels in an active biamp setup along with a pair of DWM bass panels.  Together they’ll present a 2 ohm impedance load to the Krell.  Can the Krell handle that?
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Thanks to all for the input.  I'm looking for a second one to drive the DWMs.  
Too much for the that particular  Krell.  A McIntosh MC-2300, 2500, or 2600 can drive a two ohm load as they are rated safely to .5 (half ohm).

I know, I had the 2300.  There wasn’t anything it couldn’t drive.

KSA or one of the Class A Krell Amps are what you are looking for....they will be a higher price point than one of the KAV amps which are part of their HT amps and processors series back in the day.
I have a classic KSA-80B driving my Apogee Scintilla One Ohm speakers.  That amp was made to do that, and does so superbly.  That said, I have recently ordered a pair of Vandersteen Model 3 Subwoofers to get the bottom octave and relieve the top end of the lower frequency power requirement.  I like the way the Sub 3's integrate with the main speakers.  When I get them installed I will be able to speak how they work.  Not sure about the KAV Krells.  Call the factory, they will be honest with you.  The KSA-100 or 150 would be good also.  I saw a pair of KSA-200's on audiogon and got me thinking.  Went with the Vndersteens instead.
Listen to George's reply above.  He has never steered me wrong.