Will my Dynaco MKII power My Magnepan MGII's?

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No, does not have enough current ability.
Yes. And it will sound great!
Softly. No bass at all but will sound good. It will be very easy to overdrive the amp. Not even close to my ideal choice.
Power them, yes. Sound good, doubtful. If you're in a small room listening nearfield it may sound ok but, Maggies like power and current...the more the merrier!!!
"My Dynaco MK II" means you already own it. Try it. What do you think?
Good answer, Eldartford:
Try it! What a concept. I drove Maggies, some MG1s (ancient history) with about 80/side and it worked fine, until I got to a larger room with more demands. Than it simply ran out of steam. Likewise, some 1.6s with a Roten RB-1070 which doesn't even have a specified 4ohm output. Even though the rotel is pretty buff, for it's 130x2 (@8) it didn't have the grunt. 5000 cubic foot room....
You have both? I gotta ask, "why don't you hook them up and see for yourself?"
You need more horsepower.
My old Pilot with 18 watts drove my Maggies but it was a waste of effort when compared to what a 200wpc Mac could do. Even then, 200 watts is barely enough for maggies.
I have a pair of Mk III's driving MG 20's. However, they are highpassed 24dB @80Hz, with the bottom end going to a DD-18.

Plenty loud and dynamic.

John C.