Will Musical Fidelity A3cr work with Power Plant P300?

I read a review that the you can use the MF A3cr amp with the Power Plant 300. I am considering a Power Plant and thought I would need the P600 since the MF specs list its maximum draw at 600 watts.
Though I would think that you would rarely use the full 600 watts of your MF A3cr, at musical peaks you probably would, especially if you like to listen loud. In that case even a P600 would not be enough, especially if you want to run other gear through it. I would strongly advise against the use of the 300, I would imagine it to seriously limit dynamics or blow a fuse, but then basically it all depends on your listening habits and how powerhungry your speakers are. Just my two cents. Cheers,
It'll work but with blacker background but with decreased dynamics since P300 isn't capable to deliver 100% of wall power.
Thanks Detlof and Marakanetz,I suppose it was wishfull thinking. Maybe I'll get a P300 for source components and plug the amp straight into the wall or look for a used P600 to power everything.