will monitors work in a large room?

Hey now...
i've got a 17'w x 24'deep living room and i'm in the market for new speakers.
I'm pretty much sold on the VR2's, but wondering if the VR1's w/a sub would "fill" the room sufficiantly? I have read that they throw a big soundstage. coming from Martin Logans...I think I'll like that.

still sold on the VR2's though....unless I recieve compelling reasons why I shouldn't go there.
I'd love to spend less, of course.
Green Mountain Europas...once you hear a time/phase speaker...you will never go back...and yes...they can easily fill up your room...$900 retail...
Can not comment on the VR2's, but as far as monitors in a large room, I am using Tyler Acoustics Linnbrook's powered by a Conrad Johnson CAV-50 (45 wpc tube integrated) and if I turn up the volume past around the 10:00 setting I get the "peel wallpaper" look from my wife.
Phasecorrect, would the Europas benefit by addition of a sub-woofer in this size room, and is there a consensus regarding choice of such a sub-woofer?
Nick, I would be very interested in your thoughts on the Vr2's - did you listen to other speakers?
Email me or please post here.
listener...most speakers would benefit from a sub...even full range ones...albeit a musical sub set up properly...no sub also beats a cheap sub in my opinion...
I have just traded a pair of Europas with the intent
to buy some C-3's.
But I have a pair of VR 2's coming tomorrow or Tuesday
so I will have a direct comparison between the two.
I love the Europas and may buy another pair.
And the Europas were plenty for my 20x20x12 room.

But we will see what the VR 2's can do.
I am using GMA Europas in a space 35'x75', firing crosswise. They're supplimented with a single, active Tyler 12" subwoofer. Without resorting to too many adjectives, I can say that the Europas are the finest speaker I have personally experienced. The accolades they have received here and in other forums are deserved. My recent past includes Vandersteen 2ce and Tyler Taylo Reference Monitors.

Although the soundstage is wide and deep in the traditional listening position, the qualities inherent in the time-aligned, phase-coherent design of the Europas are present regardless of where I am in the space. They are truly impressive at ALL sound levels.

I was so intrigued by these speakers that I sold my previous system and built my present system entirely around them. Associated gear: Edge M8, Edge T3, NAD541i, Ack!Dack, Discovery IC's and cables. A minimalist system that continues to amaze and improve.

Contact me directly for adjectives.
I would go with the floor standing full sized speakers for the room you describe. The VS's go down to the mid 20's which should be ideal for that sized room. I've heard a lot of good things about the new VR's and am anxious to audition them at CES.
Yes, monitors can work in a large room providing they have sufficient bass response. Penaudio nicely addressed this issue by adding a passive woofer system that mates with all their monitors. So, you can have the benefit and sound of an amazing reference monitor and the impact of a floor stander with the same footprint by adding their Chara bass units. www.portalaudio.com or www.penaudio.fi. They will be back at CES in room 2055.
My Soliloquy Sat-5's sound great in my 15 x 25 living room. However, they are augmented by a 15" velodyne sub.