will mimetism 20.1 balanced cd player make a major

mimetism 15.2 amplifier. maggie 12 speakers. marantz KI 7001 cd player connected to musical fidelity A3/24 192 K upsampling dac, v/den/hul cs 122 interconnects,audio research speaker cables.
enjoy, all genres.

Will the mimetism 20.1 cd player,with balanced interconnects really make a big difference, given what i am already using?
Until recently, I used a Marantz DV 8300 universal player, with an outboard A3/24 DAC. These two delivered good, but not great, sound quality, as you would expect.

To better the quality of playback, I had the player and DAC heavily modified, and used them in conjunction with a modified Genesis Digital Time Lens. This substantially improved the performance of my digital front end.

I used this combination unchanged for nine years, being quite satisfied with its sound quality.

A few months ago, the transport on the Marantz gave out, leading to the purchase of a McIntosh MVP 871 universal, which I had modified. There was a subtantial improvement in quality of playback, with the Mac, by itself being a bit more detailed, with the A3/24/Times Lens in play, the sound is bit smoother, a bit less detailed, but very, very, close overall.

So, the point in all this rambling, after reading the description and specs of the Memetism 20.1 (bear in mind I am a complete layman vis-a-vis digital technology, and unfamiiar with the Memetism equipment), I do see the potential for a substantial improvement for you from the Marantz 7001/A3/24 combination you are currently using.

Hope this helps,