Will MFSL gold cds sound better on pc audio than

I am wondering if high end cds such as MFSL gold cds will sound better on a hard drive than a regular version of the same cd? What about XRCDs? I don't even know if XRCDs can be imported. Sorry if these are beginner questions. I am just beginning my journey into pc audio and will start on my music library in the coming weeks. Thanks for your help and advice.
Don't know much about XRCDs.

As far as MFSL, you are paying for better masters and mastering, so yes, they do sound better...
XRCDs sound quite a bit better than their standard versions. You can purchase XRCDs at:

XRCD's are simply regular Redbook CD's produced by JVC using a special mastering process. They will import just as easy as any other CD.
Like Edesilva said...yes, because they are (almost always) mastered better. Most standard CDs (especially rock) issues and reissues are very compressed these days.

They will sound better than inferior recordings. In this case it does not have specifically to do with the fact that you are puttin git on a hard drive. The same old maxim applies to the hard drive as to a cd player: "better recordings/masters will sound better".