Will low voltage lights cause audible hum?

I'm about to install recessed lights in my listening room, and my interior designer and my electrician are recommending low voltage lights. I'm wondering whether the transformers in them will hum and raise the noise floor in the room. Anyone had experience with this?
You know what most people here will say..."run dedicated power!" You obviously have a good understanding of what dirty power can do or you wouldn't have asked the question. You should get a price from your electrician, at least that way it's done right and it'll set your mind at ease.

Have fun!!!
I believe that dimmer switches cause hum, so be sure not to use those. Beyond that I'm not sure if low voltage lights would be an issue or not, but I'm sure some of the knowledgable folks on here will have some thoughts.
General rule is: Halogen and incandescent are ok, stay AWAY from flourescent. Dimmers do not cause hum on halogens, if the electrical wiring is done right. See my HT pics.I'm using a Lutron remote control "Spacer" system and it's perfect. Lights are on a different circuit from A/V equip. Entire HT room is on subpanel. No loops/hums anywhere.
Low voltage stepdown transformer might cause issues if on same circuit. One reason why I decided not to go for it. You can get mutch the same effect by using sconces or cans on dimmers.
Not sure if the "rope" lighting (like Christmas lights in a plastic flexible tube) would work or not. Worth a look at Home Depot, etc.
Thanks for your advice. I'm in the process of rehabbing the entire electrical system in my home, which is 20 years old. Upgrading from 200 amp service to 300 amp service with two circuits exiting from the meter, 200 amp service main circuit to a Square D QO load center for the entire house other than the AV system and 100 amp service main circuit for the AV system, which employs an 0 awg armored cooked and cryo'd cable from Virtual Dynamics to a Square D QO load center for the AV system with 5 circuits of 10 awg armored cable from Virtual Dynamics to Virtual Dynamics recepticals, one each for the mono blocks, one for analog, one for digital and one for the projector.

The recessed cans in the room will be on the house main circuit and controlled by Lutron remote control system. From your advice, it sounds like I should avoid low voltage and go with full power halogens.