Will Lamm amps drive power hungry speake

I am currently driving my Avalon Osiris speakers with Rowland 9 Ti monos through a Coherence 2 pre. Will the Lamms drive them, VERY power hungry, with authority? The other combo I was thinking of trying was the Audio Research 600 mk2 and the Ref2 pre. Why the change? just got my new turntable , and it is so much better than CD's that now I want to try tubes in my system.

David shapiro
As an ex owner of Lamms most powerful "tube" amp ML-1's (true hybrid) I would be concerned relative to the Rowland 9ti you are currently using and the difficult load the Avalons can present....I would tend to agree with the above post or, if you can bi-amp, consider SS on the bottom and tubes on the top.
Deshapiro: If you are going to get the 9Ti's, make sure you buy the high current version. I hear they are far superior to the 9Ti's. I have heard the Halcro's which would also be a good match.

I think in this case, you do need more power than the Lamm's. The Ref 300 MK2s will be more than enough to drive them. Do not waste your time with Ref 600s unless you have lots of ventilation as they will raise the temperature in your house by 20 degrees. They also, do not have the finesse of the 300s. I am a huge tube fan so I say go with the Atma-sphere MA2MKII.2s, ARC Ref 300 MKIIs or the VTLs.

Dkuipers: You are sure singing a different tune now. You are the one that said: "Trust me, Lamm is the best by far." What happened, Vladimir piss you off?

Good luck.
He said he needs gobs of power, the 9Ti's will run circles around any Lamm amp if gobs of power are needed. You are obviously a troll jtinn. What's the matter, did Vladimir not give you your "dealership" you were trumpeting? You know, how you bragged that you didn't need to buy my Lamm amps, because you could get them direct from Vladimir for you and "all your friends." At half-price through the back door too. Tell us all about your great contacts, jtinn. We're dying to hear about what a player you are.
be prepared to lose some transparency when switching to any tube amplifier from the Rowlands
try VAC renaissence 140/140 signature.i already had arc 600,lamm ml1 and also i know very well jeffs sound (i already got coherence and 2).vac s this amps it s best one for my taste in my system.
I already have the 9Ti's. An alternative plan is to upgrade my existing amps to HC's. I've only read about the Halcro's. Never actually talked to anybody that has them.

I suggest you audition the Lamm 2.1's

They will drive anything and IMO more musical than the Rowlands

Of course you are now comparing Ferrari's with Lamborghini's

They are both great products
i dont know ,i am wondering the same thing because
i own a pair of very hard to drive "totem mani two"
and was wondering if the lamm m.1.1 could drive
easily and still sound so magical and musical
as all the reviewer are saying
tank's in advance. pierre
david i told you a long time ago to buy jadis ja800 tube amp This amp has 800 watts class a power.