Will increasing speaker height increase Soundstage

Recently at the CES show I was comparing the Wilson Sasha and Maxx 3 speakers. I noticed that the Maxx speakers produced the vertical axis of the music at around 5-6' high. The height that most musicians would stand. The Sasha's placed them at around 4'. Would raising the smaller speaker increase the height of the vocals? If so what would be the draw back? If base is reduced wouldn't subs fix it? These questions take into consideration time delays of the midrange and tweeter and as such I would increase the angle of the raised speakers upper module to focus waves to ear height.
The tweeters should roughly be on ear level when seated. If they are above ear level then the designer has compensated for this in his design. I can't see how raising them will increase the sound stage but you can try it and see if you like it. Pierre S. at Mapleshade likes to place the speakers on the floor and angle them up; makes them sound strange to me but some like it. This is one of those things you have to try for yourself.
Tweeters above ear-level generally will sound brighter.
I have a pair of Klipsch klf-10's up about 4 feet high as well as horizontally placed, due to small child in the house issues. I realize this is far from optimal but I get good results as my soundstage is very wide and natural sounding. I also have a subwoofer elevated at this level and I am sure this is an audiophile no no but I do this or risk child destruction!
All said and done, a center channel fill is the best way to improve your soundstage, no matter what speaker you use.
I think the order of the XO is a major contributor of image height. Almost more important than tweeter height in determining image height.
Thanks for responses. I found that my speakers were toed in too much. changing it helped. But I still wonder why the Maxx 3 speakers had more height then the WP or Sasha.. The former has the tweater a foot heigher. If I raised my WP would it also raise the Image as well?
I raised my Revel Salon 1's up about 4 inches onto very solid platforms and added about 2 degrees rake , it was not done to raise the sound stage , but it did seem to have that effect . The Sub woofer is built in wall , front , center and 2 feet from the ceiling , it definitely sounds best this way . Larger speakers usually have a bigger , taller sound stage .