Will increasing size of amp improve sound quality?

My system is a Rotel and includes:
pream RC1070
Amp RB1050
CD RCD 1072
Tuner RT 02
Speakers Klipsch bookshelf 75s

The system is in a den approx. 10x18. I wondered if I increased my power amp to, say, Rotel 1080 would I improve my sound quality overall?
matching the amp and the speakers is the most important. i would think your rotel set is fine.
I would look to improving your speakers first.
Do you have a suggestion for upgrading the speakers?
With your current speakers -- no.
As to upgrading speakers take a deep breath until you can go for Sonus Fiber Grand Piano.
With your current amp they will sound yummy.
Upgrade the speaker crossover networks will completely improve your speakers. It is easily the best thing I ever did for my audio systems.

I upgrade the Klipsch speaker crossover networks if you're interested.

Its true only if you have big woofers to get them moving or very insentive or low impedance speaker. I agree that the book shelves don't require any more power, get some bigger Klipsch. If you are a Klipsch fan you can pick up vintage Heresys with a 12 inch woofer (only the original heresy type 1 not the 2= pre 1982 for about $400 in medium condition) they like a little juice. Yes I know they are 94db per Watt at 4 feet (not meter) but its all midrange horn with juice, the woofers really give you their capability, great but somewhat rooled off and very tight bass its enough for me. Not good for for organ Music or classical if that's your preference. They will rock your heart out if you ask them to.
As a previous owner of several Rotel amps, the answer is NO. Move onto something else. I also agree with Drr, upgrade your speakers one day. Read the speaker topics for ideas.
Thanks to all of you who thus far responded to my question. I am so new at this that I am easily confused. I looked into the Sonus Fiber speakers. Which ones would you recommend? And, I wondered if they are priced by the pair or singly. Bartokfan mentioned moving on. Had you had a bad experience with the Rotel?
Vman: I will show my ignorance. What does it entail to upgrade a cross over network?

With the Klipsch speakers, the majority of the improvement comes from upgrading the caps, resistors and in some cases the iron core inductors. It's not a very difficult thing to do and it greatly improves any Klipsch speaker.

Mike: Thanks for the input. I sm "audio-illiterate". Where would I go to get this done? And, what should I expect from the speakers after the upgrade? And, how much would it cost? Jack

I do Klipsch and other speaker manufacturer crossover upgrades. Typically what I do is, I walk you through getting the crossovers out of the speakers and then you just mail them to me. We would talk about the level of upgrade (e.g. film and foil caps, metallized polypropelene or PIO's). If I can pre-order the parts, I can do the mods in one evening and get them back out to you the next day.

There is NO DOUBT that upgrading my speaker crossovers brought me the most sonic benefits, more than any IC, PC or speaker cable. The crossover upgrade is across the entire frequency spectrum (high, mids, lows).

My upgrades have never exceeded $275 and without looking at a schematic, I would say to do your pair would probably be around the $200 area, and maybe less.

If your interested in talking about this more, email me at:


I'll give you my phone number and I try and answer all your questions. I will even send you before and after pictures so you can see my work.

Sounds good. As I understand I would not hsve to send the speakers to you? And, how difficult is it to reinstsll the upgrade? I repeat, my electronic skills are nil. Jack
Crossovers are excellent upgrades in klipsch, especially the reference series I have heard with the upgrade, totally gets about 20% more everything or better. Cleaner bass that helps keep up with the already slightly hot mids and highs, bigger soundstage, and more effortless, almost like going up in efficiency again even though they are already very efficient. But as for Power in this case, Power means nothing without accoustics. Do crossovers and few bucks on room accoustics and you will be better off for now, but a better amp not necessarily more power will always benefit down the road too.
I hate to interject here, but a crossover 'upgrade' is just as likely to make the speakers sound worse, or do nothing at all, as it is to make them sound better. Replacing a few parts with larger versions of themselves in a crossover network is a shot in the dark, and no guarantee you'll improve upon something a reputable manufacturer like Klipsch already tuned in a lab. If I were you Jnorth1178, I'd go out and listen to as many systems as you can and get an idea of what kind of sound you like. Figure out if there is a specific place in your system you'd like to change and what you are hoping to achive, and then ask your question again, but be more specific. You'll get much better answers.

I believe the RB-75 has two speakers, a tweeter and a woofer. There are two wires to each that need to be diconnected (one + and -). There are probably four screws that hold the terminal cup to the speaker cabinet. This will need to be taken off and the crossover network is usually attached to it. The terminal cup/crossover network is the only thing that needs to be sent to me for the upgrade. The speaker cabinet and speakers stay with you.

Looking at the schematic, I see 3 resistors and 4 caps per board that would need to be replaced. There are two air core inductors in the right place, so those will be fine and will not need to be replaced. So the total will be 6 resistors and 8 caps. The resistors will be replaced with high quality non-inductive Mills resistors and the caps will be your choice. I usually use Kimber Kaps and that make a big improvement over the stock caps.

This would be a one/two evening job for me. I would try and pre-order the parts to expidite the crossover upgrade. This will make the turn-around time quick and your downtime minimal.

Hope this clears things up a little. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.


Nobody ever said anything about "replacing a few parts with larger versions of themselves in a crossover network....". You obviously have never heard the before and after of a Klipsch crossover network that has been upgraded with better parts, I have. I can tell you that it made a huge difference on all three sets of my own Klipsch speakers. So yes, I've actually heard the differences of before and after. EVERYTHING was much better (highs, mids and lows).

I'll go on record and will offer a money back guarantee, that if it sounds worse than the stock version, I'll change it back free of charge and pay for shipping.

FYI...when I upgrade the crossover networks, I use the same value parts.
Piece for piece I say you need to hear an exact upgrade... Believe me Klipsch did spec. the reference pretty well, but used .14 cent Capacitors and inductors, I have heard these speakers done with outboard crossovers all of the same value nothing different accept they were way too big with quality caps and inductors to go back into the speakers cabinets, and they absolutly smoked the 3.00 dollar computer grade components that they use stock, not even close, transparency and absolute size of the soundstage opened up wide.. maybe this will not be the case for all, but for a couple hundred if you have a good speaker you really like than it is worth it far more than trying to buy a different speaker for a couple hundred more and hope for these results... In most cases I have found an 800.00 dollar speaker like we are talking about here having around 1000.00 total invested after crossovers will far outweigh almost anything without spending about 3000.00 on another pair to move up the line for real, and at that point forget bookshelf and just go onto floorstanders. But I heard these results on floorstanders, so if Jnorth is looking for more powerful or bigger bass whatever than yes move onto something completley different.