Will hybrid SACDs play in a DVD-A player??

For now, I'm done with this notion of "universal" players.. I don't want to compromise sound for universality (others might, I don't).. It seems to me, the DVD-A player will also function as a video player, so there are less reservations in my mind for upgrading to this format..even though I hate to have the TV hooked to the stereo...
The final question I have is about my dozen (or so) hybrid SACDs. I buy them. I like them.. but will they play in the DVD-A player? My current Pioneer DVD player spits them back in disgust as it reads that second layer...(I play them on my Sony CD-R machine..not the best).
Every "universal" player I read about seemed to leave me with questions... I'm considering going for the Arcam FMJ DV-89a.. Perhaps down the road I'll buy an SACD player, but for now I wonder about the above question... will my hybrid discs be read?? Anyone tried this??
The redbook layer will play on your deck as long is it is capable of playing redbook CDs. The SACD layer will not play on your deck at all. The two formats are not at all interchangable!
I wouldn't automatically count on it. As your own DVD player shows, some DVD players apparently cannot "see" the Redbook layer of a hybrid SACD. That's because an SACD is, in fact, a DVD disk, so the player naturally goes straight for the SACD layer, which it can't encode.

I would try any machine before I committed to it.

By the way, many SACD players can also function as video players. If you already own SACDs, but not DVD-As, that might be the way to go.
Aren't different lasers used for DVD vs. CD/SACD? I think the CD & SACD are distinguished with the same laser by focusing on the different layers and the SACD needs the special Sony chip, but DVD uses a laser with a shorter wavelength. Is this correct?
My Pioneer Elite DV38A will play the redbook part of a SACD hybrid just fine.