Will hookig up only 2 channels on a 3 amp hurt the

Hi every one, another rookie question from yours truly, I have a dbx BX-3 power amp which can be ran in 2, 3, or 4 channel configurations. I'm using the amp for my main speakers, and have the inputs connected to my Yamaha receiver. I've attempted to place the amp in a 2 channel configuration for more power as the manual show's,
but I get a slit buzzing sound from the left speaker when I do this. To get rid of the buzzing sound, I've used the 3 channel configuration, but without a center channel. That's still running through my receiver. I hope I'm making myself clear. So, to my quesion. Could it hurt my main speakers by using the 3 channel configuration with out the bridged 3rd channel? Remeber, I'm a rookie
so please be nice.:)
There is no problem with doing what you are doing in terms of leaving a channel "dead".

Since i am not familiar with this amp ( have seen one but never used or read about them ), when you go into two channel mode, are you bridging the four channels down to two or just selecting two and leaving the other two dead ?

Out of curiosity, where did you purchase this amp from ? The place that i saw this amp at had told me that one of the channels had a hum or buzz in it, so this could either be the same amp or it might be a common problem to that piece of gear. Sean
Hi Sean, Every time I have a question, I can always count on you being one of the ones with an anwser. Thank's. You've helped make putting my system together a heck of a lot easier :).
To answer your question, Yes I was bridging the four channels down to two. Here's what the manual said "The BX-3 incorporates 4 monaural power amplifiers, and they can be configured into 2 channel stereo amplifier by binding four output stages into two pairs to drive 2 channel stereo speaker system". once the cables are configured, you just have to move a switch to 2, 3, or 4 channel, dependent on the configuration your using. I purchased this amp while stationed in Germany backin the 80's. Up until recently my whole system consisted of the digital series DBX. I've since sold most of the sound processors and am down to the amp, pre amp, cd player and a range expander. I no longer use the pre amp and expander since my receiver handles all their functions. Thanks once again for you help. DBX
You might have something defective in one channel that is "out of balance" with the other channel that it is being bridged with. As such, have you tried running all four of the channels individually ? You can do this one at a time, two at a time, all four, etc... What i'm trying to find out is if they all work fine independently, then there is something wrong either in the bridging circuitry or one of the channels is out of "balance" with the other one. As far as "balancing", it could simply be a matter of a loose screw or ground inside the amp. It could also be something as complex as a few transistors that have "gone soft". If that is the case, it would need professional help.

Have you tried running it as a three channel amp yet and checked each of those three channels ? It is possible that the bridging configuration between the two and three channel modes ties the individual channels together in a different manner. This might solve your problem and the amp would work fine. You could also just use two out of the four channels as you would normally unless you need at least one high power channel ( like for a sub, etc... ). Sean
please, we have a dbx bx-3 bought without user manual.
Can you tell us how to connect a 2 loudspeakers system to this 4 channel amplifier?
write us ! simonecorelli@mac.com