Will Dakiom Stabilisers work for pass X2.5/350?

I understand that Dakiom tinkers with feedback - my question is that will they work for a pass system that utilises the supersymetry design...has anyone tried the dakiom with positive results in their pass X series systems?
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I think you might find there is a money back offer if you want to try product from Dakiom on such sophisticated designs as those from Nelson Pass. At the least, you can direct this question to the Dakiom website if none of our Audiogon membership has an answer based on personal experience. There is a lot of favorable comment on the manufacturer's website to encourage giving a try.
This tweak has worked surprisingly well on "conventional" transistor designs in my personal experience, but it seems intuitively true that one might run into dueling tweaks in certain systems. Even when a designer builds in a proprietary concept one does not use the word "tweak", this label reserved for the outboard boxes trying to enhance the audio experience.
The careful listener must use his/her own set of ears to decide what sounds better, and what is snake-oil. And, this is one of the least costly outboard tweaks to try.
Why on earth would you mess with Nelson's products by inserting some highly dubious snake-oil based tweak. If Nelson thought they would improve the sound, he woulda designed 'em himself.