Will computer to DAC replace transports and cdp's?

From my limited reading it seems that a cd burned to a hard drive will be a bit for bit copy because of the software programs used to rip music files. A transport has to get it right the first time and feed the info to a dac. Wavelength audio has some interesting articles about computer based systems and have made a strong statement that a transport will never be able to compete with a hard drive>dac combo.

Anybody care to share their thoughts?
I can't read all the responses but the fact that there have been over 12,000 views!!! on this thread should go some way towards answering the question posed in the subject.
"Steve, I see, this explains it. However, please be aware that as good as it looks, there are problems transmitting separated Data and Clocks via single cable, especially in the case master clock is included."

I will not even pretend that I know how a audio DAC works internally. But to transmit a digital signal down COAX it has to be a digital streem. If you are transmiting Data and a Clock they must be muxed together into a single digital stream. The mear fact that muxing is involved means that a clock is involved in time slotting the various packets. If I am way off base here please correct me but I see no problem in sending both the Clock and Data in the same signal.

Which brings up a question for Steve and Alex for a mear 3-4 hundred dollars you can bring the clock out of a GPS receiver. Why is it that no one has tried integrating that clock into a DAC or Transport or both. It seems to me that this would eliminate alot of the clocking issues inherent in audio equipment. The fact that it is a stratum one clock IMHO is a huge advantage.


I just picked up a MF XDAC V8 that has USB in this past saturday. I am outputing it to a MF X-CAN V3 for a headphone system. I may never listen to the main rig again. Ok that may be going a little far but with 60 hours on it it is sweet.
Can everybody tell me about the best software to play
music from computer ?
I use both of CD player & Computer with good soundcard
& DAC to play Flac , Ape , or some High res captured
file ( 96 khz 2926 kbps for example ).
I think softwares , Like Winamp or Jet Audio have little diferent sound in play Flac or Ape & can't Play high Res
file ( may be my version is old )but i use VLC Player
for high res.
Which software player is a good profesional for playing
from computer To get the best performance ?