Will cheater rob my PC's?

My REL Storm is dead quiet when connected to my Berning ZH-270 amp, but exhibits a low-level hum when connected to my new Art Audio Diavolo amp. Other than amps, all connections are the same. The REL is plugged into a different outlet than the rest of the equipment, but that's out of necessity due to location and lack of additional outlets. And as I mentioned, it's perfectly behaved with the Berning.

I've tried a cheater plug on the REL to no avail. The amps are connected to a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet which has had it's outgoing ground wire disconnected, so in essense, the amps have had their grounds lifted. The remainder of the equipment is connected to a PS Audio PS300, which is grounded.

I'm getting ready to try connecting cheater plugs to all the equipment with the exception of the preamp. But I'm concerned about the negative effect this will have on all my expensive power cords connected to this equipment.

Wouldn't the cheap cheater plug wipe out all the benefits of having a high end PC?

Any and all opinions are welcome.
Wipe out everything? No, but I don't think you want to go that way. I wouldn't want to go that way, at least. Try this. Get an extension cord, plug your sub into it, and then run the extension cord to an entirely different circuit. You'll need a long one, probably, to go into another room. If that does it, you're in need of a dedicated line/lines. Also, try this. Can the PS Audio Outlet. See what happens. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes, somethings, (subs) have an idiosyncratic relationships with stuff like that. Electricity and its' affects on sound systems, can be, sometimes, very mystical. Hang in there, you'll figure this thing out.
Its amazing that a $1200 power cord sounds the same with a $2 cheater. It should sound worse but I heard no difference

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give them a try and see if that sheds any light on the problem.


Makes you wonder if we really hear the differences we claim when we first install the $1,200 cord, doesn't it? Like you, I would expect it to make an audible difference. . .for the worse. I may try it just to see.
Every time that I've utilized a cheater plug, the negative results were obvious. You're adding two more cheap connections between the breaker panel and your system.

I had the same problem with my REL Stadium III. I was using a Parasound 2200 2-channel amp and a Parasound 2203 3-channel amp for HT. When running the REL off my 2203, I had no hum at all. Running off the 2200, resulted in a horrible ground loop hum.

Because my system was designed to run my 2-channel off the 2200, I had a major problem. End result, initally I used a cheater plug to lift the ground. After I determined my problem, I simply disconneced the ground on the IEC side of my AC power cord going to the 2200 amp eliminating the need for the cheater plug.

I believe that with my two amp the 2200, primary ground was achieved through my interconnects. When the REL was introduced to the system, primary ground changed and noise was picked up from the AC power cord. Once lifting the ground, it changed primary ground again and the noise was eliminated. Be patient and I'm sure you will enventually figure it out. You might want to call Sumiko. Whether you purchase your sub new or used, it came for Sumiko one way or another and they will be more than happy to assist you.

I seriously doubt that eliminating or lifting ground will degrade sound quality with you aftermarket power cord.
My REL hums if my current amp is turned off. It did not do this with my old amp. It is fine with the amp turned on. Not sure why this happens. So I also shut the sub off first and on last.

I figure the sub somehow loses the ground on the Neutrik connection when the amp is off, but not sure. It is the same hum you would get if you disconnect the black cable from the amp with the sub on.

Like you, I'm operating 2 amps. The Diavolo is for 2-ch and the fronts of my HT, while an EAD PM 2000 handles the remaining HT channels. Both amp's power cords are connected to a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet that has had it's ground wire disconnected on the outlet end. It's still connected at the wall end. I was told by PS Audio that this way I have lifted the ground to the equipment, but the UO still is grounded to the wall, thus keeping it's surge protection intact.

If this is so, then in essence I've already lifted the grounds to both amps. Still a slight hum remains.


I had the same problem with the REL when I was just running the EAD amp. On it was OK. With the amp off, the REL would hum. My current problem is it hums regardless of the amp being on or off.

I will contact Sumiko and see if they have a fix. I'll let you guys know what they have to say. In the meantime, have a great Holiday Season! Thanks for your help.

I'd try a cheater plug only on the Diavolo amp when pluging it into your PS Audio surge protector and then try removing the PS Audio piece altogether. If that does not work, try a cheater on the REL and on both amps and sub. Try disconnecting your innterconnects going to your amp and see if you hum gets worst or changes tone. It this makes a change, you may want to lift the ground on your preamp. Do you get hum when you disconnect the Neutrik connector and just use the low level input for 5.1 via RCA? Try every combination possible. It's a matter of figuring out how to bypass your ground loop.
Came up with a simple fix. I disconnected the REL's yellow ground wire from the amp's positive terminal on the left binding post and wrapped it around one of the amp's screws on the chassis. Instant silence.

It may not be the most elegant solution, but with the amp in my rack the wire's unobtrusive, and it works. Sometimes the best solutions are also the simplest. Thanks to all for their help and suggestions.

Happy Holidays!!