Will Cello Duet 350 drive Apogee Diva?

I just bought a Cello Duet 350 & Palette preamp and thinking about buying Apogee Diva speakers. Would the Duet be able to drive the Divas effectively enough? Currently using Energy Veritas 1.8 & 2.8. Also, would the Divas be a considerable speaker upgrade from the 2.8 Veritas? Thanks.
No not enough drive, Cello Duet can drive Apogee Diva but not too its full beauty.
You need a power-amp with more REAL power !
At least a Cello Performance or better--->
Yes, it should drive them with ease @ 600 watts per channel. Good luck finding a nice pair of Diva, it won't be easy. You need a big room to get the most out of the Diva, so I would pass if you don't have one.

I don't know the Cello amps but think it all depends on power supply and current capability...Sogood51 is probably right, though. One of my clients who has Full Ranges he bought new is looking to unload them to purchase Sound Labs, one reason being that his amps aren't quite powerful enough for the FR.
The very best for powering Apogee Diva is Reyaudio(top model Mono amps only), FM acoustics(FM-811, FM-1000 & higher) or Boulder(higher types, like 2060 and higher) those are all much better than the weak Cello Duet or unmusical Krell amps
yes true Apogee Scintilla are even more amp eaters!!! no matter the Apogee Diva is lesser a amp eater, still I can hear a HUGE difference between the TOP NOTCH more powerful power amps compare to the weak lower class power-amps like Cello Duet etc
Rademaker, I know speakers sound different with different amps......but I wasn't aware that Cello was low class?

This is the first I have heard of it. At any rate, if he already owns the Cello he can just have a listen?

If it were me, I'd drive them with tube amps .....(but to each his own).

Sorry cello duet not really low class, but certainly lesser beautiful sounding than above mentioned brands.

I have also cello deut 350 and drive with apogee diva.
In stereo mode thy dont have enough power to drive them!!
In bridge mode is OK.

Regards, Roy