Will budget Schiit Modi3 help?

As retiree with limited experience w/ digital and a very small budget I need your help.
Will the new Schiit Modi3 improve the sound from my 3 year old Yamaha BD-S677 BluRay player, as well as the digital output from my Sony HDTV (currently using FiiO Dac3 mini-dac for tv because no analogue output)?
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I recently bought a Modi 3 and have been trying it out with a Harmon Kardon CDR-20 to be used as a transport.  Despite approaching 20 years old, the HK CDR-20 apparently had a fairly decent DAC for its day and has always sounded pretty great, but I still hear a difference with the Modi 3.  

I have to imagine the Modi 3 would make quite the improvement on both your blu-ray player and TV as it's quite impressive for its price point.  (And, those Schiit guys are very generous with their trial-period/return policy if it doesn't!)
I'm using the Modi Multi as the DAC for my Oppo 103. Very happy. It sounds a little warmer than the Oppo's DAC. 
Thanks for your feedback Ischarpf and tomcar,

Is the Modi3 difference to the analogue outs of your 20 yr old HK only slightly better. If so, it may not be worth the upgrade to a modern bluray player.

I can't spend the extra money for the multi-bit version, though that would be my first choice, but I am curious if it's better than the Oppo's on board dac, other than warmth.
Any possible improvement would be dependent on the rest of your system. 

The improvement would likely be greatest when outputting CD playback from BD player via coax SPDIF.  Not sure about improvement from TV over the FiiO DAC3. 

Schiit has 15 day return policy. You lose shipping cost only.

For under $30, I would give it a try. If you do so please let know your thoughts. 

Thanks Mesch. Yes it would be for cd playback and BD movies. Being it has optical input no reason not to use it with tv too.
Yes, no reason not to use it for both sources. Just that improvement will likely be different depending on source. 

I own the Yahame BD-681. It has selection for CD playback, removing video in path. If your model is similar, it might prove out that using the DAC for music and the analog out for BD movies might prove most advantageous.  
Might get a more "analog sound" with the multi-bit version. I would save up a few more clams for that one if possible.
The Modi3 sells for $99, the multi-bit version for $249. Quite a substantial % increase. Not to say it isn't worth it, that would depend on intended use and funds available. 
The Modi 3 multibit is discontinued and no longer on their website. You have to step up to the Bifrost multibit at $599 to get multibit from Schiit.
Mesch, I would most definitely try the BD player using digital output to dac and compare to analogue out of player for bothe cds and bds.
Modi multibit isn't discontinued
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It wasn't on it a short while back. I see it's back. I read the 1st version had issues, that they must have resolved.
I'm about ready to pull the trigger on the Modi 3 to add to my system.
Great, let us know how it proves out for you. I do have a Modi 2, which is USB only. I use it to stream from my computer.