Will Bel Canto DAC-1 improve EAD CD-1000?

EAD is HDCD series II unit. Any inexpensive suggestions to help this already good CD player? System leans towards the bright side of things. Some digital fatigue.

My system:
Aragon 2004 amp
Aragon 18k pre
EAD CD player
Paradigm Studio 80 loudspeakers
paradigm Servo-15 sub
Kimber cables

Absolutely !

I have used the Bel Canto DAC-1 with the EAD UltraDisc 2000 and Micromega Premium DVD2 players. You will definitely prefer to use the Bel Canto instead of these players' internal DACs.

The Bel Canto DAC-1 responds really well to a better power cord. $100 into a used Harmonic Tech Pro-AC11 cord is a must-have as the improvements are dramatic. Both myself and a friend who also has the DAC-1 agree with the power cord inmprovements.

Granite Audio 470 interconnects ( expensive ) are also a stellar performer with the DAC-1. We have compared them A-B with H.T. Pro-Silway-II and Coincident CST.

Used DAC-1's go for as low as $600 here at Audiogon.

- Andy
I agree with the comment on Power Cords but with the caviat the improvement in sound is most directly related to quality of electricity coming in. However, if you view the power cord not as the last x feet of the power company/house wiring but rather first x feet of the power supply windings. I used the HT AC11 with positive effects but the Cobra Power Snakes really opened up the sound to jaw dropping degrees on my Bel Canto DAC1
not as much as replacing your preamp w/a tubed unit! ;~)

if ya still insist on getting a dac, i suggest the ~$130 art di/o, & then spend ~$100 tweaking it. i know of one person who is selling his belcanto dac cuz of the di/o, & several folks are selling far more costly dacs, now that they're using the di/o.

as for me, my modded di/o has taken my digital to the next level - something a $1800 alchemist nexus cd player or a $3k resolution audio cd-50 couldn't do. do a search on the audio asylum's digital forum, where the di/o praise has been beaten to death! ;~)

doug s.

Why in the world would you want to bypass the U2000's fantastic internal DAC with a BelCanto? The player is one of the smooooothest machines out there as is. Yes get a good AC cord, a good AC line conditioner, good interconnects, & enjoy what you have instead of filtering the poor thing to death through an outboard DAC.
Cords that I've found work well with the EAD: Synergistic Reference AC, Custom Power Top Gun, JPS Digital, Kimber PK6, no doubt there are others...

Looking at Dj's setup I see Kimber, which immediately raises suspicion regarding the cause of his digititis-harshitis if he's using Kimber silver cables (the PK6 AC is copper BTW).
My interconnects are the very neutral Synergistic Resolution Reference MKII (with active shielding), and for source component line conditioning I have the Chang Lightspeed 3200 plugged into a dedicated line.
The player sets Black Diamond #4 cones, cones on a Black Diamond shelf, shelf on Vibrapods.
Sound is rich smooth airy & detailed. The player is fantastic; just tune your rig to optimize what the EAD is capable of doing for you. This is one really sweet machine.

However if you do give up & decide to go another route then let me know - I'll refer you to someone who wants to buy a U2000 right now.
Why go for the 1.0, when you can get the 1.1 for maybe a hundred bucks more used. I can't say enough about what the Bel Canto 1.1 has done for my system--open, liquid, very delicious DAC, a significant improvement from the 1.0.