Will bass overload room?

Currently considering the Monitor Audio RX6 floorstanding speaker, but I'm concerned with the bass overloading the room (12'x 16' with 8' ceiling). The room is fairly well damped with curtains, carpet and a sofa. The speakers will be driven with a 35-40 watt EL34 tube amp. Does anyone have experience with this speaker in a similar size room or an opinion/suggestion? Thanks!
You won't have any problems. I had the 8's in a room about the same size.
I currently have a pair in my dining room, which is similar in size too your room, but with a higher ceiling. Excess bass is definitely not an issue. I actually find the speaker a touch lean in overall balance in that room which, I should note, has a lot of wood and glass surfaces that can't be treated due to WAF issues.

You can't state anything with certainty until you've actually heard the system in situ, but I'd think the risk here is low.