Will Audio Logic DAC improve EMC-1?

Several knowledgeable friends are telling me that adding an Audio Logic AL-2400 dac to my EMC-1 will improve the sonics noticeably, while a couple of dealers have told me they don't think the improvement will be substantial, since the EMC-1 is already very good.

Anyone have any first-hand experience with this pairing?
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Not familiar with that particular pairing, but I do own an AL DAC and find that it mates up well with many transports, and, that it is a world-class DAC ... go for it!!
Kenl: One of my friends in the NJAS has an EMC-1 (not sure which version). If you don't get anyone with actual experience responding here, I'm trying to arrange for him to come over with his unit to compare it in my system to my Audio Logic and we can try to describe to you the differences.
I compared both in my system using either a Sony SCD-777ES CDP or modded Shanling T-100 as transports. I was also using the updated version of the AL DAC. To my ears the AL DAC was more to my taste but the Electro DAC throws a very wide soundstage, the widest I have heard in the price range. As far as the AL being better to my ears, it is not substancial meaing 50% better. I personally thought the Chord 64 DAC was better (clearer sounding) than both but I was not able to roll the tubes in the AL.

Happy Listening.
Thanks Russ. I'll be interested in learning what you and your friend think about the difference the AL 2400 makes to the EMC-1.

Bigkidz: You're right about the wide soundstage of the EMC-1. While I agree that a 50% improvement would be substantial, I would accept a 25% improvement and still be happy (I think). When you say updated version, do you mean the 2400 MXL?
Yes 2400 but there was not a 25% improvement just slightly different flavor of sound the Chord being slightly more dynamic and clearer with better separation of instruments than the AL. The Electro DAC is a great value for the money an improved my stock Sony SCD-777ES and even the modded Shanling that I have. I preferred the Electro to the Audiomeca Mephisto II.X CDP even using it as a transport. The differences are only there in a side by side comparison and Russ will know if tube rolling will make a difference in the AL. I was looking for more of a tube sound from the stock AL but it was not lush sounding as I know tubes can be, good or bad I am looking for a moer lush sound.

Email me directly with any more quesitons.
Hi Ken,
I would personally tell you that EMC1 24/192 can perfectly pair up with AL 24MXL. The sound of EMC1 has much more dynamic bass (without muddy bottom), clean, clear, decay of every notes and seperation when pairing with AL 24MXL(yes, it is the new version)especially when rolling with Siemens Halske CCa 6922s. I would say there is an absolute perfect music you can listen to. Check it out and you will see the difference of EMC1's sound with and without AL 24MXL. I did try EMC1 with Stellavox DAC(lower version of Golmund Mimesis 21 DAC). But EMC1+Stellavox can not definitely beat EMC1+ AL 24MXL.
I would ensure that any particular EMC-1 have the latest (year ago) power supplies' diodes mods before comparing with outboard DACS. Improvements in dynamics are quite real.