Will any tubes go well with my Accuphase?

I've been using restored Accuphase P-300/c-200 amps with recently acquired Harbeth SHL-5s. I love the combination, but can't help but miss tubes at times. What tube pre-amps do you think might mate well with the Accuphase P-300? Anything new or old is fine, preferably with phono. I don't want to totally replace the c-200, so it doesn't have to be better at all things, but it would be nice to have a tube option. $2000 would be an absolute max, but less would be better. Again, it doesn't have to beat out the c-200 on all accounts, just something comparable that's more "tubey". Thanks!
I have seen, but not heard, people pair Shindo pre's w/ Accuphase. I believe a member has a virtual system that has the pairing.
I have heard/used a Shindo Aurieges, a Shindo Masseto, and a Leben RS-28CX with my Accuphase P-3000 and each pairing has been exceptional. Still own the Masseto and RS-28CX for use in two different systems. The RS-28CX is still making beautiful music with the P-3000.