Will an external DAC work on SACD?

I am using a universal player and would love to get an external DAC. I assume it will not work on SACD or DVD-A, only redbook. Anybody have a definitive answer? Thanks!
I couple of very high-end players will output DSD to a DAC. For the vast majority, DSD (SACD) is only available from the analog outputs. I believe most are limited at 48 on the digital output. For example, My 24/96 DVD-Audio (PCM) discs get down-rezzed to 48 through the digital out.
I have read that Sony's SCD XA5400ES does carry the SACD signal direct, but only through the HDMI output to a compatible HDMI receiver.
There are a number of players that will output DSD over HDMI as well as a number that will output DSD over iLink, dLink or other uncommon interfaces.

Cerrot: Yes, it is an SACD DAC, but the problem is his universal player that he wants to use as a transport will not output the way he wants it to.