Will an Auralic Vega best my Meridian 508.24 significantly?

I'm interested in getting something like the Auralic Vega and driving it with the coax output of my Meridian 508.24. Comparing the measurements between the Vega and the 508.24's analog output is striking... the Vega looks FAR superior. It's clear though that with many of the measurements, the Vega is being fed a higher bit depth and sampling rate than redbook CD.

My question is, will I experience a monumental improvement in sound quality if the digital output of my Meridian is the input to the Vega, or would that require higher resolution formats?

Significant improvement unlikely.  Why not look at a product that is truly innovative using proprietary technology instead of the same chip sets that almost everybody else is using.  The Chord Hugo will be a significant improvement.  Plus you get a headphone amp to go with the dac, and since it is battery powered, you don't need a high dollar pc either.

I use a Sony X779 ES as a transport with a Tara RSC digital cable to the Hugo.  Simply awesome.    

I've seen DAC's with great specs be good sounding and terrible sounding. It's really nearly impossible to tell.  If you can't listen before purchasing, I suggest the Shiit as one I really like but also there is also ExaSound which let you return it after listening.

I expect the Shiit and ExaSound to be very different to your ears. :)
I was up until 1AM reading reviews about that Schiit. Almost everyone seems to think it is fantastic, but it has to be on for an entire week to warm up! I would feel more comfortable with the purchase if there were a review by Stereophile showing measurements. There is a lot of hype and fanboyism surrounding Yggy. 

I can get a used Vega or the new Schiit YGGDRASIL for the same price. I like the clock and filter flexibility, and the design of the Vega. It would be disappointing to get it and find out that my CDP isn't good enough to lock in on the most precise clock mode over coax though. My biggest concern with the Auralic Vega is that there is only a 90 day warranty, and the company and its founders don't have a lot of history. In my experience, people offer short warranties for a reason. Maybe this is great fun for them, but they want the option to just move on to something else later. I'd like to see a greater commitment to their business and customers. 

The Schiit has a five year warranty and a 15 day return option too. If my Schiit broke down 8 years later, there is a decent chance I COULD get it repaired for a reasonable cost. On the downside, it does seem to be a quirky piece of gear with its outrageous warmup requirements and syncing issues.

The reviews I've read of the Chord Hugo put it well behind the Vega. It doesn't have balanced outputs. I'm a believer that the power supply for a piece of audio equipment is really important too, and I don't see that with the Hugo.
The rest of my system is:

Sonic Frontiers Line2 SE+ with upgraded volume controller and V-Cap Cutf interstage caps. Running Genalex Gold Lion tubes.

Pass Labs XA30.5 amp.

Revel Performa3 M106 speakers. 
Well, i don't own a Shiit, I bought an AR DAC 8, and the Shiit to me was closest to it of the one's we listened to.  I also like the Ayre DAC's a great deal. I wouldn't put too much on Stereophile's measurements.  Sorry.  Unless a DAC is seriously broken they just don't reveal much, and I might say the sam of the reviews. :) 

During that same process I also learned I'm not a fan of using a Mac as a source.  This is another thing.  While I'm usually a big fan of Ayre DAC's the Mac Mini, despite upgrades, made it's top end sound really hard.  Point is, even if Stereophile gives it a great review, and mesures fabulously, it may not work well with your source.  So it's important to look and listen for yourself.  

One of my pet peeves is Stereophile measures USB DAC's under the best possible conditions, while battery operated.  Bah.  That's like rating a Kayak in a bath tub. 



It doesn't have balanced outputs.  (True)   I'm a believer that the power supply for a piece of audio equipment is really important too, and I don't see that with the Hugo.  (The power supply is the batteries which are dc.  Therefore no massive supply necessary to convert ac to dc.  The processor is the Hugo uses much less current which allows for extended operating time before recharging.)

In regards to my primary question, I decided the answer must be "yes". There are DACs that can be had for $2500 or less that are being compared to DACs that cost $7500 in 2005. My CDP was considered Class A by Stereophile back in 1998, and I think the retail for the whole thing was $3000 when it was released. 

I read intently about the Aurilic Vega and the Schiit Yggy. I don't have USB, so the Ayre QB-9DSD was out of the running. I came away with the conclusion that all of these are bested by the MSB Analog in a small amount by almost every measure, but that they are the cream of the crop in the $2300 to $3500 range. I could buy the new Schiit or a used Vega for about the same price.

I decided to take the plunge with Schiit. The reviews pretty much put the two DACs up to individual preference, but it was the company, their history, philosophy, and warranty that swayed me. Also, the 15 day trial makes this a low risk purchase. 

I like the 508.24 but I couldn't get over the fact that I must be missing something. I think it was about 10 years ago that I listened to a top-flight setup driving Wilson Maxx2 speakers. They played my copy of Dutch Gramophone 1812 Overture, and the choral sections were phenomenal. I've upgraded everything else in my chain, and I still don't hear the separation of voices in my system. I'm not fool enough to expect Maxx2 dynamics or soundstaging with Revel Performa 3 M106 speakers, but I think they are capable of much more detail than I'm hearing. 

I'm excited! I'm hoping for a big bump up in resolution, dynamics, and soundstage.
  your mention of a Meridian 508.24 caught my eye because I have one sitting around because it needs a new transport.  I have always loved its sound.  While I don’t understand how you want to repurpose your Meridian, I was wondering if you could explain it.  And also, how else could it be out to use, as I think there must be a way to put its internal DAC to use.