Will an after market PC improve the sound of CDP??

There is a cable component that some of us may take for granted That is, 'AFTERMARKET" power cords. The issue is to what degree they may influence the sound of a component they are used with.

I use a Shunyata "Diamondback" PC with my Rega Apollo player. I may have compared this PC with the standard PC supplied with the Apollo a few times and discerned some improvement, but not enough to run out to "recable" what components I had at the time

Therefore, are there some aftermarket PC's that offer a noticeable improvement in the sound quality of a CDP?? I realize that with IC's, compatibility with a particular component is a matter of time consuming trial and error. However, is the degree of improvement with an aftermarket PC be as noticeable as with IC's, and require as much trial and error??
IMO, a good PC is every bit as noticeable as changing ICs. But aftermarket PC's can also be component dependent. Did you try using the Shunyata with a different component, although I doubt that particular cable would be very noticeable on an amp.

PCs are trial and error tweaks, also there are cables built for high current such as amps and some are for low current components.
I'm taking advantage of Audio Advisor's 30 day trial period to check out some PCs, the latest being the Pangea AC-14XL. It's a great performer, but it's sounding better on my CDP than on my preamp. I also have a $400 Audience PC and it has taken my system to a higher level.

I say keep looking, when you find the right PC it may blow you away.
However, is the degree of improvement with an aftermarket PC be as noticeable as with IC's, and require as much trial and error??

PC's require as much trial and error as IC's. There are no easy answer to your questions. Any aftermarket PC can improve the sound of your CDP and also negatively impact the sound too. You have to do the listening trials.
I agree with both Lowrider57 and Foster_9, PC's differences can be very noticeable, but are also very system dependent. Aftermarket PC's can vary the sound quite a bit, just as much as interconnects, though I would not always call it an improvement. Different is not always better. You have to listen for yourself.
In my experience yes I have heard an improved sound from an aftermarket PC on a CDP in my system. When I heard this was with a MAC (My Audio Cables) HC Sound Pipe power cord installed on an Emotiva ERC-1 CDP. This was with budget gear so people's mileage may vary. When I moved the MAC HC Sound Pipe power cord to my 1st generation PS3 I believe I got an improved picture and SQ but at the time of that change I made wholesale changes power cord wise and power conditioning wise in my system. So yes I believe a PC can improve the sound of your CDP but again trial and error may be required with potentially more expensive power cords or with different wiring types.

Best of luck.
To Lowrider, I did try the Shunyata on my new Rogue hybrid integrated, with little to no discernible improvement. The Shuyaya's IEC plug is a plastic piece of crap and often gets loose and falls out of the back of the Apollo

Interestingly, a few years back, I bought an Acoustic Zen Tsumani Plus PC that was recommended by a TAS reviewer who claimed it provided better overall sound. I tried it once or twice on the Rega CDP, and concluded it better served my pre-amp at the time, and now my integrated as their PC. I could hear a much better presentation. The Shunyata worked poorly with my previous separates and integrated amps
The cost effective way I remain satisfied with is to use a Mapleshade Records Power Strip/Conditioner which improves the sound of the components whose individual PC's are plugged into the Power Strip/Conditioner (there is no power limiting so even an amp can go through this strip). There is much more chance to hear a gratifying and obvious improvement when each of the PC's is simultaneously upgraded by this cost-effective method.

Into the adjacent AC plug is inserted a Machina Dynamica RFI blocker called the Flying Saucer by the manufacturer. This tiny cost item should continue the upgrade even more.

This all yields a simultaneous improvement in each component's performance, with some of my components having hardwired PC's and some using individual removable PC's. You can still make an individual CDP PC purchase for further individual upgrading, but the starting baseline system performance already sounds better.

This addresses your wish to help your CDP sound better, as it simultaneously helps each part of the sound system chain from source to power amp stage.

There are also multiple ideas from various Audiogon sellers to allow better "reading" of the CD data independent of your choice of PC. As you know, my postings sing the praises most loudly of ideas from Machina Dynamica and Mapleshade Records.
Yeah, that Diamondback will never help the amp, it's also a budget cable in the Shunyata line.
For your CDP, the Pangea line is so inexpensive and so much better than stock it's worth trying.


There's also the AC-14XL for $150 with 30 day trial. Also try looking in the archives to see what others are using.
If your Rogue cable is anything like mine, it's piss poor with no bass extension. I'm also in the middle of a PC upgrade and have been doing shoot-outs with several cables.
Give a Triode Wire Lab cord a try. Pete offers a trial period for home audition.
Many thanks to those who have replied.

To Listener 57: your suggestions sound interesting and worth investigating