Will accidental max volume damage a speaker?

I think I’m okay but I would still like some reassurance. My preamp has an option to use one RCA input as a pass through that bypasses the volume control. In other words whatever volume goes in, goes out. Weeks ago I set it up that way to test a different component and I forgot to set it back when I unhooked that component. So today I hooked a dac to it using the dac’s fixed outputs, so I assume line level. So when I started a song it was loud, really loud for about four seconds. Probably not as loud as if I maxed out the volume intentionally, although I’ve never done that so I can’t be sure how loud that would be. Just wondering if speakers have a safety mechanism designed in where the drivers can’t over travel and cause damage. My speakers are Usher Audio dancer mini-x DMD. They still sound perfect to me but I’ve always wondered about this question anyway so it motivated me to ask. I've probably just watched too many comedy movies where teenagers literally explode their speakers like there was a grenade in them
As many have already said, you would know (i hope) if you did any damage.  Speakers fail mostly due to heat. the voice coil, the electromagnet that moves the speaker cone/dome/whatever is wound with very small wire.  Over time it gets hot and !poof!.
The good news is everything has mass and takes time to heat up. How much time....depends.

The telltale signs are:
1. doesn't play2. a scratching sound as the speaker element moves, with associated distortion
This is why, as a sometimes equipment designer with stuff in and out of my system(s) literally 500-1000 X/year, i have fuses in my speaker cable.  And you know what?  Life goes on and I get great sound. No, not fancy fuses, ones i buy  LOT of at the Home Depot.
$15k speakers (when they were last sold) with unobtanium drivers are not something i wish to jeopardy.

Tweeters can go quite quickly - just a warning.  Woofers tend to require continued abuse.

But the bottom line is - if they still work, they are likely undamaged. 

If they still work and you hear them as sounding ok you probably got lucky you did not hurt them and i am glad you did not .
Lesson learned. Thanks for passing it on to the rest of us.
nope, Not if you have them Fused Correctly
They assume anybody rich enough to be able to afford their equipment would be able to read, even upside down.