Will a "universal voltage" component work in US?

When a component is advertised as "universal voltage",
will it work in the US? Thanks.
Depends on how universal. Ask if it will operate on 60 cycle, 110-120 V AC.
Should work anywhere in the universe
If they overlook the US market, you won't hear of that component in the first place. That is my guess anyway.

its my understanding that nuforce products will work in a range of 85 to 265 volts, not sure if amps and preamps are the same range, they may vary some
Usually this means there is a switch on the product that lets you chooses between 115v and 220v. Regardless, it will sound a bit better at the voltage used in its design (so if it is from the U.K. or elsewhere in Europe , at 220 v).
Thanks everyone.
If you think about the true meaning of "universal" it should work on any alien spacecraft or any planet.
This is only the ''Known Universe""
Except tuners. Technically they will work, you just won't hear much.
When I said "universe" I meant it in the "universal" sense that encompasses everything that exists or does not exist, known or unknown, knowable or unknowable. And a truely universal piece of stereo equipment will (DOES) work anywhere!