Will a PS Audio Superlink DAC Improve My Sound

My existing system is used exclusively for stereo listening and includes:

Anthem Integrated 225 Integrated Amp - 225 wpc
Marantz CD6006
Sony SCD-XA777ES CD / SACD Player
PC based server, equipped with a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE Sound Card
Paradigm Studio One Reference Speakers -Studio 100 v5
iPod Classic

The CD6006 can be accessed via the USB input for hi-res WAV files on a USB stick, thus the 6006 can becomes a hi-res audio player.

The Sound Blaster Audigy: 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution, 100dB signal to noise ratio, CMSS up-mixes stereo content to 7.1 surround

Now that you know what we are working with, can you tell me:

Will the PS Audio Superlink DAC will improve my system’s sound? 
The iPod has a built in DAC, but how good is it compared to the Superlink?
Will the Superlink improve the sound of my server given that the sound card provides 24-bit/96HZ resolution?
When using the USB stick in the CD6006 will I see improvement on that sound?
Is there a better DAC that I might consider for a low end system such as mine?

Please excuse my ignorance, as I am a virtual newbie in audiophile. So this is a learning experience for me. Any advice or recommendations you can make would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to view my post.

May I ask why the superlink? It seems quite old, and you may have better options.  I own a PS Audio DAC myself, so I am a fan, but I am weary of such an old digital product. What is your budget for a DAC?
I have a $1,000 budget. I am not married to the PS Audio DAC by any means, it was just one of the brands I had high expectations. I have an Essence DAC on my PC based system in my den, and am pleased with that. I just want to see what other's experience's have been before I purchase one for my main system in my living room. Thanks, for your response.
i am unfamiliar with that particular model of PS Audio DAC, but I suspect it is quite outdated.  If your budget is $1k, I suggest a modern DAC.  I have the PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC mark II.  This can be found for about $1200-$1300 if you're lucky.  You can later add a Bridge II which will upgrade and modernize the DAC.  I am using this setup and it is amazing.  I run it with Roon software.  Have a look online and see what you think!
Thank you Mark. You solved my question. I need to increase my budget and go for a more modern DAC. Thanks for taking the time to consider my question and to respond.  I appreciate it.