Will a NIKKO NR-1015 handle 89db speakers?

I would appreciate an opinion on a Nikko NR-1015 reciever.
I believe it is rated at 85 watts rms. I have a pair of 3 way speakers with 12" woofers. They are acoustic suspension and eat a lot of power. The room they are sitting is medium-small.
Thanks for any information.
What make speaker?
89 dB/watt/meter is pretty average efficiency and the receiver will "handle them" just fine. How loud you listen, the speakers impedence curve and the room size are necessary to know if they are a good match. also current capacity of the receiver and whether the 85w is available at 8 ohms or 4.
Are you sure about the wattage? In 1987 I had a Nikko 7075 and it only had 43 wpc, and I seem to recall the wattage increasing with increasing model number (e.g. 8085).
Speakers are HECO SUPERIOR 700.
Specs. on Nikko 1050 are: continuous rms 85watts at 8 ohms
20-20khz at 0.05%THD
at 1000hz both channels driven at 90W@ 8ohms and 100W@4 ohms
dynamic power ouput @ 8 ohms 210W
I do not listen at high volume, however I like good dynamics at regular listening volume.
My son has a Nikko 1015 and listens to it Loud
I am always surprised at how good it sounds.
I say give it a listen
Brian O