Will a new DAC make an improvement in sound?

My present DAC is a 5-6 year old Stellavox ST2. Online at http://www.stellavox.com/st2.html

My question is, will I improve my sound noticeably if I buy a newer DAC such as the Benchmark DAC1?

I have a good system, Avalon Eidolon and BAT electronics, so if there is a decided difference, I would be glad to hear it. Plus the price of the Benchmark DAC is not too formidable, which is a big plus.

Any opinions would be appreciated.

thank you
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What is your transport?? Single box players have less compatability issues IMHO. BAT DK5 is a great player.
My player is a Goldmund SR DVD Easy

About 5-6 years old

yes, it will make a surprising improvement. I especially prefer the asynch DACs... I'm using an Ultra Fi iRoc DAC (which was recommended by another 'goner) and I'm very pleased by the audio quality and complete lack of drop-outs and granularity/glare. Nice. And Larry who makes them is a great guy, extremely knowledgable over a wide-range of audio topics. I'm just a happy customer with no economic connection to Ultra Fi. All the best!
Your system demands a great front end...garbage in garbage out! If you like BAT and enjoy an analog type sound, go for the DK5...used 6922 version was the most musical:)
I also agree that Ultra-fi has a very special sounding product. Stay tuned as they are about to release another level of improvement with an even better D/A converter (before the end of August I've been told). This "next level" product from Ultra-fi looks to me as if they may just re-set the bar sonically to what we can expect in digital playback, at any sensible price point mind you ;-)

It's hard to believe that Larry will have in production something better than the iRoc... with the right USB cable and computer (MacMini... yeah!) and components and speakers and cabling between them, the iRoc is just stunning. The iRoc makes digital playback a thing of joy... imho. I have a Cary CDP 303/300 which is really something else but now the iRoc... I am really, really wondering... where this is all going!


Ehider: Do you know if the new DAC from Ultra-Fi will be a replacement for
the iRoc or are you talking about the new expensive DAC they are coming out
with that I think is going to cost around 3K (called the Jazz at their website,
but no info is on the website)?

To the original post, you might consider trying any of the DAC's mentioned.
Audiosector makes a nice DAC for around $300, Scott Nixon DAC's have gotten
good reviews as well. There is also the Wavelength Brick. I would recommend
staying under 1K to begin with as you might find you do not need to spend
more than that to get great sound.
I find it a bit silly that someone who purchased Avalon's and BAT electronice would dabble with entry level outboard DAC's. Audition some great players and then buy one!
I agree w/Dave_b above. I have a pretty "good" system and am also looking for a DAC, but something that will BETTER my upgraded Esoteric DACs by a bunch. Logic tells me this won't be found at the sub-$1K level - I am looking for "jaw-dropping" in the context of MY system, not somebody else's $5K system, and would expect to have to pay for such performance, if it exists. While I am open-minded, I am also realistic. I think you should probably be as well, which is what Dave_b is saying, but that just my opinion of course. Hope this helps - it might save you a lot of time.......
Simple answer is yes.... I purchased a Monarchy NM24 that uses 6922 tubes very nice....but I transformed the unit by adding Amperex NOS 1950 d-getters and replacing the 2 coupling caps(Wima 2.7's) to Mundorf M-supremes...I also increased the wire gauge size on the connection(minor detail).This stock 1100 Dac went to a dac sounding like it should cost 5k or more. Now I know most won't go through the trouble but for me it made sense....This is a well made and designed DAC. So for 1500 hundred invested it's a good chance.
yes. if the new dac has better quality and you existing dac in your player. but consider usb dac and run from PC. it make a hell of nice transport. Monica USB, paradisea, Benchmark DAC USB are few of them