Will a Music Hall Maven drive Totem Man-2's?

I have just acquired a Music Hall Maven which so far I am very happy with. I am considering a pair of Totem Acoustic Mani-2's, but have read that they require a great deal of power to sound their best. Anyone have an opinion as to whether the 100WPC Maven would be able to adequately drive the Totem's
It might but power is not the only requirement for the Mani-2's. The amp also has to be stable into uneven loads as the impedence curve of these speakers is anything but flat. You would probably be better off with double the power and the amp should have a stiff power supply. Of course, you won't know for sure until you try it.
Thanks, Cleopatra

Hi Cnelsonmd,

When I was considering the Totem Mani-2 signitures, the dealer repeatedly told me to make sure I have a quality system that can make the Mani-2 bloom.

The Mani-2 is one of the toughest Totem loudspeakers for amps to drive. It has a low impedance (4ohms average and probably dips down to 2ohms at some frequencies) and only 85dB/W/m sensitivity.

I would NOT recommend you buy these speakers for your Maven amp without trying the combination first. I'd recommend at least a high quality solid state power amplifier w/ 200wpc and the ability to deliver high current into low impedances.

Totem Acoustic loves to demo their loudspeakers with Sim Audio equipment, so that'd be a good place to start if you decide to switch your amplifier.

I personally love McIntosh power amplifiers which can easily handle the lowest impedances without sweating. My Totem Hawk loudspeakers are mated w/ a 300wpc McIntosh MC7300 power amp and they make fantastic music together.

Hope this helped. Good luck,
That helps a great deal, thank you.
Even if the Maven can drive the isobaric Totems, it still wouldn't represent good system matching, imo. I think this is alluded to in the previous post steering you towards other options, although there the emphasis is on the Maven not being able to do the job.