will a marantz 8b and altec model 19 work ?

I just bought a marantz 8b and preamp 7c and have a pair of altec model 19 ...

will the 8b be enough for the altec model 19 ?

what can the 8b out put clean ? 12 watts ?

if the 8b wont work , what tube amp would ?
The 8b was about 12 watts on the triode setting, more like 30 or 35 on pentode. I have forgotten the sensitivity of the 19s but the 8b should be fine, that was the power rating of many of the best amps of that era. My first stereo amp was a Dynaco Stereo 70, which was 35 a channel, I never had trouble running out of power and I drove less efficient speakers than Altec with it.
In terms of power you should fine - the Altecs are about 100dB efficient.

I think that system would the bees' knees, the cat's meow, and the dog's dangly bits.
I agree with T Bone. That sounds rad.
wow thanks for the feed back !!!! Ill let you know how it sounds ... was $3400 for both 8b and 7c too much ? just got them off ebay check them out on completed items and let me know what you think